Christmas List

It is getting to the time of year that people start asking you what you want for Christmas. If people ask me if I want something hi-fi related, I often find it hard to think of anything that it is reasonable to ask someone for so will be looking at the answers in the hope there will be something there that I would like and maybe some others here will be able to use it for inspiration as well.

So please tell us what will be going on your Christmas wish list. It could be for a main gift or just a stocking filler.

P.S. I have been very good and would like Naim to announce a 272 replacement next year, so if Father Christmas is reading the forum, please have a word with them.


I’ve asked Santa, well, Mrs HH actually, for a copy of the Rega book, A Vibration Measuring Machine. Rega are remarkably quick at sending things and it arrived while she was out, so I put it in her wardrobe and will be surprised when Santa puts it under the tree. We have a £75 limit on presents this year. Neither of us really need anything and Christmas shouldn’t be about unrestrained consumerism.


It’s a really enjoyable book, especially for old buqqers like thee ‘n’ me who have been “in the hifi game” for many years.

I have put the Lego “Titanic” on my Xmas list, although I’m not very hopeful. having tried for Lego’s “Imperial Star Destroyer”,and “Millennium Falcon” on previous occasions……


Your house is bigger than mine :laughing:


My wife commented that ‘I could only fit it in if we moved house…….

Looks really good though!

The Imperial Super Star Destroyer (Executor?) is even bigger! (Is that the right name? I’m thinking of the really big buqqer that turned up in Ep VI.)

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That Titanic looks awesome in pictures. And the largest set Lego has made up to now.

I particularly love the details of the crosscuts. But it is just too big. The Saturn V rocket I could sneak in but this is not going to happen.

Anything HiFi related, at this level, is too expensive to ask for as a present.

However, I often suggest a music voucher card to buy CD’s to rip.

Nah, it needs only a small area on your PC desk:

Now, if you had built the MOC Launch Tower…

or even others:


Nice to hear a progressive attitude and a distaste for the standard rampant consumerism that is so prevalent at this tiime of year. About five years back, we explained to everyone that we were not buying presents for them anymore, and instead would be giving $3k to carefully sellected charities at Xmas. We will increase the ammount as the years go on.
Everyone in the family already has everything they require, so the change was hardly noticed, except for the fact that they all felt very good about it.


For many years we have eschewed Xmas gifts. We nominate a charity each year that we have been supporting and ask family to give our ‘gift’ to this. We ask them to do the same for their ‘gift’ from us. We literally give and receive nothing except making a few homemade food gifts for friends. Some years we buy our house a present, but we don’t spend on each other. We don’t have kids.

We try to have fun or do something good for each other on Birthdays, again physical gifts are of token value. I will be spending mine this year volunteering at a vaccine centre, with my wife stewarding in the car park so it might not be a riot this year though!

Sadly my family have never ‘got it’, and have hated the concept of diverting gifts towards charities.


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Really nice to read these posts.

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I choose a charity to help each Christmas.
This year I am helping buy a dog ambulance.
The daughter and I do not ‘do’ gifts and I am still working my way through a pack of charity cards I bought 3 or 4 years ago.
So situation is well under control here.


You might be interested in this Lego model of the Boston Stump church in Boston Uk, being built in Lego using standard bits. They’ve been doing it 3 years so far ( Covid stopped it for a while) and they say another 2 to go


I’m not sure if these books are still in “reasonable” category, but they were nice to read.

The Vinyl book actually was a birthday present a couple of years ago.

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Forget Christmas, I’m already dreading the imminent Black Friday frenzies and cyber Monday or whatever it’s called. So many retailers having a week of sales or longer too. Most of Amazon’s own brand gadgets are reduced which will undoubtedly herald new models in a couple of weeks for some of the range, though interestingly they may have announced some already.

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Me too, and you make a good choice, I may just choose the same one this year. The whole “I want thing” is really bugging me these days.

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I will remain consumerist for that 2021 Christmas. But it will serve music and my soul.

3 audiophile lps: Dire Straits/ Dire Straits, MOFI, 2X 45 .
Stanley Clarke / School days, 2011 reissue, mastered by Kevin Gray.
Donald Byrd, Places and Spaces, 2021 reissue, by Kevin Gray
And Humming Guru / ultrasonic records cleaning machine.

Ardbeg maybe again :slight_smile:


This could be an ideal present for young fledglings who think they have everything.


Lewis Hamilton’s model car 2021.