Christmas Thanks


Well said that man!!! This is what’s so great about this forum!!

Agreed. Merry Christmas everyone.


Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all the suggestions and help this year. It makes it so much easier when we can’t get to dealers or travel across continents.

Enjoy Christmas however you spend it.


Thankyou Richard for a great year on the forum….don’t burn the Christmas lunch worrying about us….we will be good for once😉


After so much food and DRINK ?


Greetings of the Season and Best Wishes for a New Year to all at Naim & especially to all the very happy forum’ites.


I would like to thank all the guys at musicline in Germany for servicing my gear this year and also the guys in the UK for giving the CDS3 a new lease on life.
Merry Christmas to all and all the best for next year


Wem yeh, I’m not Helen either

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Merry Crippers folks and best wishes for good health to all over the festive break and throughout 2022.



Christmas is cancelled ! ! !

We were listening to Carols From Kings on TV, sound via Naim of course, the phone rings & our son who’s family we were spending all day & evening with on the big day, told us the grandson (18) has tested positive.

…… anyol’ways …… the domestic goddess pulled a chunk of turkey breast from the freezer and Plan-B is set up for a home alone Christmas Day.

I took great pleasure in firing me as the designated driver for tomorrow

…… Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse
When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
Don’t grumble, give a whistle
And this’ll help things turn out for the best
And … Always look on the bright side of life …… altogether

Happy Days Everyone


Commiserations Mike, hope Plan B isn’t too disappointing

We have just delivered presents, prepped food and wine to daughter No 1 ready for tomorrow, so if anything goes wrong now, we are kind of stuck !

We all did lateral flows yesterday and will again tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, best wishes to you and all the Forum for a good Xmas and thanks to Richard and all the contributors this past year for keeping the Forum going so well during these changing and sometimes challenging times.



I think for many families a plan B for the last minute cancellation or Boxing Day would not have been a bad thing

I wonder how many ended up at their small co- ops looking for protein , veg and a decent bottle of wine at 5.00 p.m ? Let’s be grateful there were staff still serving

Christmas can be a real b*gger

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Seasons felicitations to one and all…Hopefully 2022 will be as musically rewarding as 2021. May you and yours remain positive in outlook whatever the new year brings.

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Happy Christmas… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Absolutely no chance of that Don . …
…. a chef that would do justice to any top end restaurant
…. music of our choice …. via Naim
… and …. I’m no longer the designated driver


To those that celebrate this festive season, I wish you many more and in good health with our little black boxes serving up the soundtrack.

Thank you for all the guidance, support and laughs along the way. It’s been a busy year with retrenchments, closing businesses and an adoption to boot but it’s all been a blessing having this forum with like minded individuals just a reply away.

Merry Christmas you lot, and thank you again.


Sounds excellent Mike.

Have a good day.


Echoing all the thankful sentiments already expressed to the forum,a great place to spend some time . A Merry Christmas to all and a huge thank you to Naim staff for facilitating the forum.


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