Well another crazy year has nearly passed another £300 price rise on Naim. Still you can’t take it with you when you’re gone. Just listening to Klaus Schulze Timewind. In a World of my own. Merry Christmas stay safe even if there is no Bristol show

I saw that Naim were going to increase prices at the start of the month but never really paid much attention but looking today it looks like a 10% hike (more or less) on the entire range. I know that prices are under pressure with Covid, chip shortages, brexit and whatever else but even so 10% is a bit of a hard pill to swallow

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Sadly I have even more copies/formats of "Blonde On Blonde"than shown here, a very merry and safe Christmas to all!

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Goodness, that’s a lot of copies of ‘Blonde On Blonde’!

I have three:

  • my LP from 30-40 years ago
  • the CD from when it was released
  • a brand new LP, bought a few weeks ago, in the ‘Dylan On Vinyl’ series.

(I also have another of the last mentioned LP as part of a starter set for my son’s LP12 gift.)

How, and why, have you managed to buy so many?

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A copy of BOB and an LP12 wow, I did inherit a 78 of Jimmy Rogers singing “Blue Yodel” from my dad, which considering he was a Mantovani fan was quite something…

The Dylan On Vinyl BOB is good, mine is a clean quiet pressing and IIRC is mono.

I’m a huge fan of Mr D from this period and BOB is such a great record and very special as it was the last release before a complete change of style. BOB has such a chequered history, wrong song titles different mixes in different countries big variations between mono/stereo alternate inner cover photographs and even being released as two separate albums…don’t have those…the first CD release even has songs faded out or cut short to fit on one disc, and so it goes on. There’s a website with a very good history…but that may be too much info!

I wish I’d hung onto my 1966 mono bought upon release but I sold it in 68 and put the funds towards a new tangled stereo copy…still have that!

Yes, the ‘Dylan On Vinyl’ set of BOB is mono.

(Haven’t played mine yet, but looking forward to listening to it.)

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