Chrome Bumper Hicap Connections help

Can anyone help? I’m trying to connect my Hicap to NAC 82 and NAC 250 and have a problem. I have no user manuals so I got one online which shows the far left hand (looked at from the back) DIN socket on the 82 out to the Hicap. On my 82 this socket is labelled “Link 1 - P/S 1”. The guide then shows the connection from the 82 going into the Hicap at the far right hand socket (opposite the mains input) and the 250 connection going into the second socket in from the right. However, my Hicap is a Chrome Bumper version from 1985, and its sockets are labelled from the mains input 1-4. Written at the bottom it says “Socket 2 to Amp and Socket 3 to pre-amp.” However my connections guide is telling me to put the 82 into Socket 4 and the 250 into Socket 3. Socket 4 also says "To equipment marked Hicap. Can anyone tell me the correct connections please?


Forget the numbers; on the back of your Hicap you have one socket that’s a DIN5 and three that are DIN4s. The DIN5 is the one that will provide dual rail power to the NAC82 via SNAIC5 - this also takes signal from the NAC82. You then take signal out of the Hicap to the NAP250 via DIN4 - XLR interconnect.

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Thanks Richard.
The DIN 5 was easy. But there are 3 DIN 4s none of which is labelled XLR. One is labelled -ve and the other 2 have NC against them. Which should I use please?

You can use any of the three but probably best (good practice) not to use the one marked +ve as this was for powering legacy single rail preamps, and carries 24v.


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