Chrome Bumper - Worth renovating?


I have a NAC62N and NAP 90 that formed my first proper hifi back in the day. I bought them around the late 80s, 1989 according to the serial numbers.

The 62 was tried a few years ago but sounded thin and unbalanced. The 90 has not been powered up for years and those big capacitors have put me off trying it again.

I am talking to Darran to see if they can be serviced but the next question is whether it is worth it. It would be great to get them to a new home, but it might end up being a charity case!

Any thoughts?


I’d get them serviced, definitely.



Yes from me too. You might even find that you enjoy them again and decide to keep them for a second system.

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Yes from me. Service cost 2-3 hundred I’d imagine. If you then decide not to keep them, sale price of 400-450 would cover your costs.

I am 99.9% sure that both the 62 and the 90 can be serviced.

My 140 cost about £190 to be serviced, in 2020.

Go for it. Classic CB kit deserves saving!


I think it depends partly on what the rest of the system will be. The NAP90 is no powerhouse, and if you have a large room, play at high volumes, or have speakers that are not easy to drive, you would be better off selling it and getting something with more clout. Plenty of Chrome Bumper options out there - anything from a 110, 140, 160 up to a 250 would be good.

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My main system is a 282/250DR, so this CB will be a sell on or a second system. In a smaller room, with suitable speakers (another debate to be had on them) it will be lightly used but a viable option.


Definitely get them serviced.


My CB amps (42N/110) from 1985 had a way overdue service in 2021. Very happy to have them in my second system fronted with an Auralic Altair G1. Very happy with them. I would say get them done

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If you think you can make use of a second system then I’d go for it.

Otherwise, there’s not much point right now but maybe in future.

If you’re going to sell them, do it as is - you won’t recoup the service costs.


Absolutely worth a good service. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a 35-year-old NAC22/NAP120 done by Darran. Well worth it.

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I would sell them,it´s not the best CB´s even if serviced.Buy for example a Nac 32 /Nap 110,that is miles better.

Have you thought about this from the perspective of perhaps finding a power supply for the 62 and really making the combination sing? I don’t know the 62 but I had a 42/110 for a fair while and I wish I’d appreciated back then just how much better things get when a pre-amp has its own supply. I don’t think anyone outside Naim fully understood back then quite what a step up in performance it is; though God knows they tried to tell us! It takes things out of the “integrated” class into “serious” hi fi. Even a SNAPS will do it (if the 62 allows that) so you don’t have to be hugely out of pocket either.

I’m not sure why you are afraid to switch on the NAP90 but the first thing I would do is find out how the combo sounds now. Sure, it’s definitely had a long enough life to be in need of a recap but you might like the slightly more pipe ‘n’ slippers presentation of older caps. I used an even older NAP120 in a non-critical system for almost a decade and because it never put a foot wrong I look back on that system with immense fondness. I wasn’t setting any high bars for ultimate performance and it just delivered (unexpectedly, I should add) the perfect ownership experience. It got way beyond any question of value for money.

I wouldn’t put a £250 barrier in front of turning it on and seeing what it can do, and I wouldn’t sell it without doing so - especially as it’s now essentially for free.

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The Nap 120 is a much better power amp than the Nap 90.

The Nap 90 is just a uprated Nait power amp.

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The NAP110 replaced the 120 - and the 140 replaced in 110.

Yes,but I think that the Nap 120 is funkier than the other two, which are also very very good.

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