Chrome Cast and Bluetooth to Mu-so 2


Does anyone else have connection issues with the Mu-so 2 with Chrome Cast and Bluetooth?

Too often I find the Mu-so 2 doesn’t connect and I have to unplug it for it to be recognised again. Clearly quite annoying… particularly given the awkward location of the power cable!


I have had issues with my Muso Qb2 when connecting to my 2.4gHz WiFi Network (two different units, the first one returned). The Muso support line were very helpful, as were the dealer.

Once I set the same router to only output a 5gHz WiFi Network, and Ethernet, the WiFi connection stabilised immediately. I have now used the Qb2 with Internet Radio, UPNP, Tidal, Chromecast, Naim Multiroom, and Roon with no further issues - unless I switch the 2.4gHz network back on.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll look into the 2.4gHz issue (I am on Sky BB which broadcasts in 2.4 and 5) and see if that helps. Don’t think that is causing my Bluetooth issue though. … Today Alexa was connected to Mu-so but no sound until I unplugged and replugged and then worked fine.

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