Chromecast and Nova

Good morning,

I have been enjoying my Nova for almost 2 years now without any major problem.
The only issue I have is that I need to reboot the Nova every now and then (at least every week) because it is not seen / discovered as a Chromecast device by the app such tunein or deezer or Spotify
This does not happen with my 2 mu-so systems.
Any similar experience?

  1. Are you using a wi-fi connection or ethernet?

  2. if wi-fi, how far is the Nova from your router? (Router may be a U.S. term.) Corners, walls etc.?

  3. If you are using wi-fi, can you try ethernet, at least for troubleshooting? I keep a 50ft ethernet cable in my closet for that purpose.

From time to time one of my Naim units fails to display in the app. It usually shows up in a minute or so. Sometimes I “goose it” by closing and reopening the app or even rebooting my iPhone. If all that fails (very rarely), I turn the unit on manually. I’ve never had to reboot my Nova, which has an ethernet connection.

I have a similar “unusual” situation with my Nova and the mDNS functionality.

I have Ubiquiti switches and wifi access points and an ISP-supplied router. Nova is reliable for Chromecast, AirPlay, Tidal Connect when connected via wifi, but doesn’t persist as available when wired. I’ve tried a number of fixes and had many optimistic moments, but there is nothing that has given a persistent long-term solution other than leaving the Nova connected via wifi.

There are debug tools you can explore to watch the mDNS announcements, who’s available, what services they offer, when they connect and disconnect, etc. You could try the Discovery app on your iPhone to get a bit of insight and go from there. I had help from Will in the beta group for a while, but it’s an unsolved edge-case… and not (purely) the fault of the Naim firmware.

If you describe your network setup and equipment a bit more, others may have insights to share… but I think my problem / situation is unique among a dozen or so users of Ubiquiti home network products on this forum.

Manage your expectations!! Good luck as you delve into this a bit more deeply.

I don’t have this issue with my Ubiquity system to the Atom. It’s always shown up when it’s active. I tend to have it turned off though when not needing it.

Yep, thanks @CrystalGipsy … you’re a be of the folks with a very similar setup and zero issues! I have no issue when Nova is on wifi, no persistent service when Nova is wired to the same switch as the wifi access point. It’s a weird weird thing. Weird weird things happen…

Only on wifi…
Wifi signal is not an issue, it’s 6 m away from the router without an in-between wall.
Yes, it’s a good idea, I will connect an Ethernet cable and see what happens.


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