Chromecast Audio

OK…firstly no laughing, I really am this ignorant on these matters. Here goes, is it possible to connect a Chromecast Audio thingy to a Supernait 3. I want a very…very cheap way to play Internet Radio through the amp.

I have one, connect to my Qute v1
it works like a charm
I use it with Spotify on my iPad

Yep… Mini jack to rca lead. I use one with my XS2 to listen via Spotify… Sounds way better than it should

The work even better when connected to a reasonably good DAC such as a Chord MoJo.

If you want it cheap, a Chromecast Audio is a great solution if you can find one. As Xanthe says, easily upgradeable with a DAC later if you want.

They’re usable as-is, but a good DAC makes them excellent.

Do try to use an (Android?) app and not the Chrome browser as your source though, the browser has an issue and seriously messes up what it sends over.

If you need to do gapless, the trick is to use an Android device and cast from the Android OS itself rather than from an app.

This is encouraging, I assume I need a 3.5mm jack to RCA lead, what input should I use on the SN3?

Any apart from phono. Isn’t there one labelled streamer on a SN3? That one… Or CD/tuner/aux.

You can use any input, but with Naim amps it’s generally best to use DIN. So a 3.5mm jack to 5 pin DIN would be ideal. RCA would still work fine though.

You can also get a wired ethernet adaptor for the Chromecast audio for about £15

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