Chromecast issues with Unity Atom

Hi. Is anyone else experiencing Chromecast problems with the Atom? I’m casting Primephonic via the Naim App, on which all seems fine. But my Unity Atom screen is not replicating the app info - in fact its totally black. Any ideas why and what to do about it?

i don’t know if it is relevant but my chrome browser has been out of action most of the day (other browsers ok) - finally back with new version - maybe 1 jan is software update day?

Not all apps send the relevant metadata when casting I have found. It’s very app dependant.

Hi @Animal3944

We’ve had a look and the reason is that the artwork supplied is via an https link, with a security profile that the front panel UI doesn’t support. It doesn’t affect the audio playback, just a visual issue for the screensaver.

It’s an area that we will be reworking for later this year while doing a different new feature, so we’ll ensure it’s checked as fixed at the same time. I’ve raised a Jira (bug tracker) to the team to ensure it’s in the system.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

Thank you Steve. That’s very helpful and much appreciated. I do think Primephonic brings something new, which neither Tidal nor Spotify provide - a comprehensive classical catalogue.

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