Chromecast multiroom sync problem with Chord

I have a ND5XS2, MScaler, TT2 into a 282 and love the combo. The only aspect I can’t quite get to work right is to use them with Chromecast for multiroom, ie Chromecast from the ND5XS2 (into Mscaler then TT2) and a standalone Chromecast audio into a basic Marantz unit in the kitchen. In the Google Home app I can only delay the latter by 200ms, and that’s not enough to bring them into sync, even with the MScaler in video mode. What’s a bit frustrating is that when I demoed them I tried the ND5XS2 into the TT2 and I could get it in sync so I bought a second Chromecast audio to go directly directly into this TT2. But 200ms here is still not enough. It’s by no means a massive problem - using a RPi4 as a Roon enpoint into the Marantz I can add a 700ms delay and it’s all fine (and sounds great), but occasionally I don’t want to use Roon.
Anyone else have this working ? Unless I’m missing something in the setup, all I can think of is to put the second Chromecast audio directly into the 282, but I’d then miss out on the Chord goodness.

I presume the heavy duty processing in the M-Scaler is what introduces most of the latency. I doubt there is any way round this.
I get a similar issue using Dave (no M-Scaler) although the delay is reduced if I put it in DSD mode even when playing PCM.

I used to own the same front end as you have. I was just trying to sync my TV through the Nd5xs2/Mscaler/TT2, but could not get it right. I gave up,but I did get it to sync with just the Nd5xs2,using it’s on board Dac into my integrated.

Thanks both, I suspected there was no easy fix.
The odd thing is that I’m sure it worked with the demo TT2 alone. Thinking about it more, I am using the warm filter (3 I think)now which I wasn’t when demo’ing. Wouldn’t have thought that would require that much processing, but something to try later

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