Chromecast not working with Nova

Well I almost had a complete three months without any streaming issues :-).
I am suddenly having problems using chromecast wiith my Nova. It is constantly dropping out to the point at which it is unlistenable when casting to Nova. Sometimes it stops altogether.
However it is not dropping out when not casting to Nova, ie. plays fine through local device.
It seems the Chromecast within the Naim might be at fault or network problem. Streaming radio and via server working fine.
Any ideas /any testing I can do?

Raise a ticket with the Naim help desk or talk to your dealer

Already done (with support). Grateful for any ideas from here?

@Stevesky can you help this customer, support desk unable to help?

I have similar issues intermittently, and i have a vague suspicion that this might be related to the problem with the display freezing (not sure though)…

Interesting I will try to test for this. I have found I can play through Roon fine but if I use the Naim app or Chromecast from Qobuz or Amazon HD through Android device or Windows that is no go.

Thanks Gazza. To be fair I am waiting for call back from Naim but thought I would be what advice I can get from here.

Is your Nova hooked up by ethernet or wifi?

What are you casting?

HiRes can be more demanding than CD or lower quality, is it worse with one type or another?

It could be that Roon is streaming to the upnp input of the Nova, that one always stays working on my system too when the Chromecast crashes.

Nova on wifi not had this issue before. Cannot see any difference between MP3 & High Res. Thanks.

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Yes used UPNP through BubbleUPNP and that is working fine. I was happily getting into the Naim app oh well. Nothing from Naim support yet. Thanks.

The only drawback of using upnp is that it requires active streaming to the input, so BubbleUPNP will be constantly active to feed the stream. The Chromecast functions as a standalone client which pulls the stream directly from the source, so this doesn’t require BubbleUPNP to function as a server. Hopefully Naim wil come up with a fix soon.

So after about a week of not working the Chromecast functionality has come back. At the same time the ability to display on the Nova went but that came back quite quickly. I must not touch anything for a while…

Just wanted to share that this issue has not occurred anymore on my system since the new firmware update.

Thanks. Marked improvement for me but get a consistent stutter just at the start of each track and then fine.
Naim support have not really come up with the goods as yet. Currently suggesting I go to dealer - kind of reluctant to do this as it is 120 mile round trip.
Any ideas welcome.
Really happy with the Naim sound but I have had a number of issues like this and with the app in my two years with Naim: it is getting in the way of the music a bit. I had to return my mk 1 Muso as I simply could not get to connect wirelessly.

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