Chromecast requiring hard reboot of Nova and Star

I now own both a Nova and a Star and one of my primary uses of both is to stream via Chromecast from the Primephonic app running on either my Android phone or an Android tablet. With both devices it works great until it doesn’t. I’ve discovered that after several weeks Chromecast playback begins to break up and I have to hard reboot both devices. That is, I have to unplug, wait a couple of minutes, then plug back in and wait for the device to fully restart. The lack of a full power on/off switch adds to the annoyance. I can’t imaging why this should be the case. Who else has this problem? Naim, why is this happening? Thanks to all.

Old down the power button for 5 seconds for deep sleep which runs through a reboot I believe.

Thanks, badlyread. Didn’t know that and will try it next time. Still hoping to hear from Naim (or a knowledgeable member of this community) why Chromecast performance fails without the hard reboot.

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