Chromecast stutter

Hi All.
Having an issue with Chromecast. Atom hardwired into BT Home hub. Guaranteed minimum speed 100mbps and currently measuring about 130 Mbps download. Nothing else drawing from it. I even unplugged a Google home speaker completely. Using Android phone and streaming from Apple Music. Not doing anything else on phone and all background apps off.
Problem is I get about 1 second of music, then about half a second of silence before the track starts and plays perfectly. It doesn’t happen all the time and it’s not always the same tracks.
Can happen both in playlists and when playing an album straight through.
Very annoying.
I’ve checked that phone and Atom are linked to same router.
Support say check all the items I’ve listed and do a hard restart on the Atom. I’ve done all that but it’s still happening occasionally. Any advice gratefully received.

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