Chromecast tidal from iPhone

Is it possible to Chromecast tidal from an iPhone? I wish to buy a Chromecast audio to cast tidal to a uniti1 but I need to be sure it will work.

Yes, a Chromecast Audio via optical cable will work. Is your Uniti an old 24/96 version?

I’m testing to chromecast tidal from my iphone to my atom but It seems not possible: from the tidal app I can stream it via airplay or bluetooth only

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I believe that Apple have not allowed the Chromecast API to be implemented on iOS.

Not sure that’s right. I can cast (using iplayer or Netflix for example) from my iPhone to the Chromecast box connected to my TV and to the Chromecast Audio box connected to my SuperUniti with an optical cable. Also you set up the Chromecast things using a Google Home app that runs on IOS…

Or did you mean something else?


Hi, google home is installed on my ios and it discovered my atom but from tidal/spotify apps is not possible to cast it. very strange

Can you cast from anything else, like the BBC iplayer radio app? (The main iplayer app looks for a video cast and the BBC Sounds app doesn’t do casting yet so it has to be the iplayer radio app)

I do not think that this is the case: the Idagio app under iOS, for instance, supports both AirPlay and Chromecast. By contrast, the same app under Android only supports Chromecast.

I stream to chromecast from Tidal from IOS with no problem. And it accepts Master quality.

This may be stating the obvious but you know the
Cast option only appears if you have the track you’re playing on your screen right? If you stay on the home/option screens, or an album with track
listing you’ve opened, the cast box doesn’t show.

It’s interesting that there doesn’t seem to be complete agreement between apps on whether you play before casting or cast to connect and then play.

With the UK TV apps most are as you say, start the programme playing and then cast, but the ITV “Hub” requires you to cast first and after you get the message “Ready to cast”, you select the programme and start it playing, at which point it simultaneously plays on the phone and the TV.



I’m not able to cast from any app. It seems that google home app discovered my atom but it’s not able to use it. I’m looking for a way to remove atom from google home and restart a new device discovery but it seems impossibile to do

Assuming you aren’t using the Google Home app for anything else, you could delete it from your phone, then restart your phone and install the app again. All of it’s settings will have been deleted and you can discover the Atom again.



I’ve removed an reinstalled google home. My atom is discovered as ‘local device’ but I’m not able to cast from my iPhone. I’m trying to cast from an android device and it works

An iOS device will, unsurprisingly, default to AirPlay rather than Chromecast, but it still works. I can use it with a number of apps, including BBC iPlayer, Soundcloud and Tidal. I think the Tidal implementation is poor in that you can’t select a Chromecast or AirPlay output until you have started play. The icon you tap to select external outputs will only then appear in the screen. Shoddy, but it works.

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The Tidal app Chromecasts to the new streamers. But it will drop MQA to Hi-Fi, which is very disappointing and will hopefully be fixed with a firmware update.

I made many tests and chromecast to atom works from every android or ios device I tested but it doesen’t work from my iphone. After a week I think that it’s a mistery without a solution.

What do you mean precisely with “it doesn’t work”? Are you now able to see and select the Atom as a Chromecast sink but casting does not start? Or you do not see the Atom in the list of devices to which you can cast? Can you see other devices that can act as Chromecast sinks? And, trivially, are the iPhone and the Atom in the same network?

Iphone and atom are in the same network. The same network where ipad and an android devices are able to cast.
The problem is that the chromecast icon does not appear

With the same version of the same app?

On mine, there’s a funny little icon in the bottom L corner:

Hit it, and you get a list of all Airplay and Chromecast clients: