Chromecast tidal from iPhone

I see the funny little icon in the bottom L corner, opening it I see the atom as an airplay device but I do not see it as a chromecast device.

If you look in the Google Home app on your iPhone, can you see the Atom listed there? Any chance that it has been disabled or paused from there?

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I meant something else…

In Android, the implementation of Chromecast as a Unix style software device running in kernel mode (hence exposing an API, and and so being more reliable and more consistent).

In iOS, it has to be separately implemented as an embedded device driver in each App that uses it, and hence it runs in user mode.

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Speaking with some co-workers I’m discovering that my (corporate) iphone is managed by an MDM products that inhibits chromeacat. So the mistery is solved ’

I guess that explains it! Plan B would be an Airport Express then.

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I got that same issue with my nova and still do but i found a workaround.
What I recently found is that chromecast icon on tidal/qobuz/Spotify will only show up if there is no Ethernet cable attached to Nova. I don’t know if this is supposed to happen but apparently (at least for me) chromecast only works via wi-fi signal and not via Ethernet cable.

Hope this helps
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That’s odd, I use a wired connection to my Atom, and Chromecast works fine.

Contacted naim.

Here’s the response to this chromecast issue:

“Good morning,

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, this is currently a limitation of software of the chromecast feature, and can only be accessed via WiFi”

They are talking rubbish. My Atom has a wired Ethernet connection, and if I use Chromecast from the Tidal app, it works.

Sorry that’s not right, my Atom works fine with ChromeCast wired.

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