Chromecast "UPDATING"

Good evening,

Just received few hours ago my Nova.
I installed it, no problem.
However, I noticed that I could not chromecast to it, the device does not appear in the list of devices I can chromecast to (in Tunein for example). In addition, I cannot discover the Nova from Google Home.
Too bad as I bought the Nova because of its sound and the chromecast support.
When I look in the app, settings>chromecast built-in, I see that the version is UPDATING…

I have same issue as:

Which is now closed.


I have also a nu-so II and mu-so qb, both working fine with Chromecast and Google Home.
I never ever need to open the app, all my music is requested through Google Assistant.
So quite disappointed by this Nova Chromecast issue.

I also reported this issue to the Naim support, ticket created.

Thank you for helping!

Please contact Naim support, it’s possible the google token has not stored correctly.

Agreed. That was the issue I had, token not installed.

If I may, what does it mean and how was it fixed?

On a personal note, I found it quite annoying that support did not get back to me 24Hrs after.
I bought a product 5000 Euros, found and reported to Support an issue on the very first day and did not get any feedback…do I have wrong customer expectations?


Every device has a unique chromecast token that is generated, stored on the device itself, and ultimately uploaded somewhere in the cloud. Without that token being valid, your device is invisible as far as chromecast is concerned. This fix requires making sure the token value is stored wherever it needs to be.

Have you been in contact with your hifi dealer at any point after purchase?

No, I have not been in contact with the local dealer. Not sure the local hifi shop will be able to do anything about this, will they?
In other words, what can I expect from them? Should I ask them to replace the Nova altogether?

I have following firmware version:

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Something that strikes me is that Maccaboy10 reported the issue in Sep 20…and apparently it was a known issue and a patch was available to correct the issue…that raises a question, why there was no firmware update loaded when I connected the Nova to internet. When I connected it, it said that the firmware was the latest…

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A chromecast token issue will affect a single unit, it can’t be fixed globally via firmware.
Your dealer is best placed to communicate with Naim support and should really be your first port of call.

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  1. My dealer is 40 miles away from home, I am in a village in mountains. Besides, I very much doubt he speaks any English, so please tell me, what would be the benefits for me to go through the dealer? Additional delays? “He is best placed to communicate with Naim” really?

  2. Will I need to have the device replaced? If it can’t be solved remotely, fine I’ll go to the dealer, will just waste one day. If it can be solved remotely, why should I waste my time and what’s wrong with me asking help directly from Naim? Can’t I?

Chromecast is my only streaming mean and my streaming source is Deezer that’s the reason why I need Chromecast (besides I use Google Assistant).

‐--------if you’re a Naim employee:
I don’t know if you’re a Naim employee, but if you are you should be explaining why I need to go through the dealer. I can assure you that the dealer did not build the product. What do you think is my customer experience so far regarding this product? What do you think is my feeling?
I spent for the last 12 months 7500 € with Naim: mu-so II, mu-so qb II, and now the Nova. As a Customer I deserve some explanation as to why it can’t be fixed remotely immediately. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Would take your car and directly spend 4 Hrs back and forth on the road, waste 1/2 day to talk to someone you’re not sure he will be able to do anything in a very short time?

–--------If you’re not a Naim employee, ignore above paragraph and let me deal with Naim directly because I still hope it can be fixed remotely.

@Maccaboy10 how was it fixed? Did you need to have your Nova replaced?


If you believe the unit should be replaced, then that would normally be actioned through your hifi dealer, and agreed by them as the appropriate course of action. Perhaps they can swap the unit for another one they have in stock, or to arrange a replacement.
If you believe the unit should be repaired then again the rma process should be conducted by your dealer.
If you don’t believe your dealer is best placed to resolve issues with your purchase, that’s another matter entirely.

The google token should be installed in the nova. It is, if I remember correctly, a 16 byte unique character string, akin to a MAC address. However it also needs to be stored in the cloud to function as a valid token. Occasionally that process can fail.

If you have raised the issue already with Naim support then you should have received a ticket number. It might be best for you to call, let them know the nova serial number as this will allow the token id to be identified. If indeed the problem lies with the token, then this should be resolved without you needing to take the unit back to the dealer.

About your first paragraph, please note I don’t believe anything.

I repeat, I hope and wish it can be fixed remotely hence I need some diagnosis before I waste 1/2 day on the road (and wait for several days or weeks to have it repaired).

Indeed, I immediately created a ticket and you’re right I will try to call Support tomorrow.

Hi, if this is the issue, your Nova would need to go back to Naim to have the Google token installed.

Not necessarily, the token should exist in the nova and may need to be updated in the cloud. It’s best if naim support assist with resolution.

I spoke to Naim about this today. I have the same issue with a new Atom… And I’m in Japan. I’m confident it will be get fixed eventually after the conversation I had. Don’t see the need the need to be so aggressive on this forum.

Huh…that’s a bad news, that’s really bad…considering I just bought and received it…

I called Support this morning, they will get back to me.

Shouldn’t this be tested by Naim before it’s shipped to a dealer?

Chromecast is a service operated by google, naim have the ability to resend the token which normally resolves the issue.

Maybe try here first? Any question I’ve had has been answered promptly here. I’d guess yours is a unique experience and there is a miscommunication somewhere? Yeah…Clare? Help? lol…

Hope so…and indeed that shouldn’t (I guess) need any return of equipment (?), it already took already one month to get it delivered…on a more positive sign, I like the Nova sound, I only could listen to the radios available in the Nova but already very noticeable upgrade vs. my Bluesound powernode 2i with same B&W 805s speakers.

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Ok. Hopefully that’s the case for the OP. I’m just passing on my experience with the same issue, Naim support said it was something they needed the unit back to fix.

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