Chromecast "UPDATING"

I have not been contacted back, I will return the Nova to the dealer as I will be traveling for business next week. There is really something wrong in all this as seen by me, a Customer. Really disappointed and to me not acceptable.

I had this when I first got my Atom 3 years ago. They managed to contact Google to reset the token. I didn’t have to return unit or do anything. Not sure what’s changed since then but you should not have to change the unit. Just be patient whilst they sort it out.

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Sorry to hear this - if you share your ticket number, i’ll chase up as a priority on Monday.

Thank you, ticket is 105785.

If there is anything we can do to avoid dealer shipping back the Nova, please let me know. I will ask the dealer to still keep it for few days.

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Hi Francis,

Thank you for your call last week, I have checked this case with our software team. They do not believe this is an issue on the Naim side and that it is more likely to be Chromecast. However, as this is not affecting units across the range, I suspect the issue is more related to your Nova and the Google Token. In this case, I can only suggest that the unit is swapped out with your retailer for a new one.

​Please accept our sincere apologies for this ordeal you have experienced with your new Naim purchase. Let me know if you have any questions.

Ok did they check that the google token for your nova actually transferred to the cloud successfully?

I don’t know but I don’t think so as they did not have any configuration data (IP address, etc).

They only need the nova serial number, the google token string is recorded in the database with the serial number as part of the google token upload process. So they get the token and then validate it. The token itself is registered in the nova as part of the process following build.
From what they’ve written, it doesnt sound like that was checked. Go back on the ticket, give the serial number and specifically ask them to ask software team to validate the google token was transferred successfully.

Serial number was not communicated neither requested. Thanks just answered Flynn and provided serial number, MAC, etc.


I’m having the same problem since moving home recently on my MuSo Qb2.

Chromecast worked perfectly in my previous home but now not showing up on the Chroaecast App.

Any suggestions why this has happened?


I took delivery of an Atom late February. I have exactly the same problem. At first, I was advised to consult with the dealer. I made one more (phone call) this time to Naim and was given a totally different answer. I don’t think that this is a place to name Staff but this is not being handled very well. I was told on the phone that there had been Chromecast Token issues in units shipped in February. So… Apparently this is Not isolated. I’d kept a very cool head about this and accepted things for the way they with the ongoing Pandemic - But after reading the trouble @FrancisR has had and the changing communications I am somewhat disgruntled. I have tried my dealer at first for advice, but bar one member in another branch they have now all been furloughed. I live in Japan, and I buy equipment entirely knowing that at the risk of a physical fault then cost of return to the UK is wholly down to me. I don’t have an issue with that at all and haven’t done in the 28 years of owning Naim. However if this is something that can be remedied by Naim (I assume that they themselves have to contact Google) - then it would be nice to know straight away, even if current workloads dictate it would take a while to sort out.

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Wondering whether we can rely on what we are told?

You can, as it’s a complex situation - it’s not a simple firmware update, but something that requires specialist attention with licensed Google equipment. Some of our distribution partners have agreements that allow them to address these Token issues; the majority don’t - in that case a return to factory is the only option.

Hi Tim. If Chromecast worked perfectly previously, this may be a networking issue in your new home - i’d suggest you email the team at so they can take a closer look at your individual case.

Clare, Who can I reach out to for a definitive answer please without having to sit on hold for 20 minutes or waiting for a few days for an email reply?
I’ve had two non committal answers from your support staff and now see a further answer posted to the OP. Richard (or your good self) I am sure can access my email address via my profile. I don’t think the forum is a place to air these frustrations.

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Thanks Clare for the reply, I’ll do what you suggest!

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I am having the same problem. I contacted naim a few days ago, but haven’t heard back. My ticket: 106040 @clare.newsome

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Can confirm you’re in the system - team will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for checking @clare.newsome :+1:

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My French dealer confirmed they will replace my Nova (which will take several weeks).
My concern is that I face exactly the same issue with the new one (as it might be a structural bug and/or something not fixed yet and not tested before shipped to the dealer)…