Chromecasting problem with Primephonic

I have recently acquired an ND5 XS2: no problems with internet radio, or airplay from my library on a Macbook pro. But when I play anything from Primephonic the pieces are broken up with silent breaks lasting for several seconds. Every time. I’ usually using our excellent wifi, but I have tried a wired connection to the router with little difference. If I stream via my Sonos there is never a problem. Is it Chromecast or what?

A friend of mine uses Chromecast with Primephonic and it works fine, although I haven’t spoken to him about that for a couple of weeks. But you should send an email to Primephonic‘s support line because they do seem to be very responsive, from my friend’s experience.


Thanks David, that is reassuring. When I contacted Primephonic they pointed out that there were no problems streaming on my iPad or Sonos, and suggested that Naim might look at the issue.

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