Chuck Berry on iPlayer

Whilst browsing iPlayer for something to watch, I happened upon a repeat of a 1972 BBC recording of Chuck Berry doing a studio gig. Absolutely astonishing and hugely enjoyable to watch - if you’ve got access to iPlayer, it’s totally worth piping it through your main system and cranking it up. His audience participation version of My Ding-a-Ling had my fourteen year old giggling like crazy and the final version of… well, you know what, is just great.



@Ebor couldn’t let this go without you getting a reply. This really was an outstanding performance with Chuck at his best backed by a top-notch band which for Mr Berry is normally a pick-up bunch, but in this case is Rocking Horse, comprised mainly of the Merseybeats.

The picture quality and sound mix was superb and other than Chuck’s bizarre hit at the time the setlist was faultless.

The Don McLean concert on iplayer from the same period was of similar quality.

I was beginning to think I was the only one! Great to hear you enjoyed it too.


Was this the one with the painfully reserved audience? I caught this when it was shown on TV and had meant to post here about it but didn’t get around to it, so thanks for the reminder. I have always thought of him as THE rock n roll man and although he is famous around the (western?) world I still think he is under-rated.
It’s a great program, but I would love to see another recording of a live show if anyone knows a good one.

Yes the audience was rather subdued. I think it was the way it was back then as confirmed in David Hepworth’s book ‘1971’.

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