Cinema’s Greatest Soundtracks

Fascinating program BBC4 now (23:00-00:35) about music in films, from the very first onwards. Talking to composers and directors, showing some of the processes and discussing details including some of the psychology.

Thanks for the tip-off, I must get round to watching the programme.

From the heading, at first I thought you were after recommendations. So, apologising for thread diversion, I’ll mention one of my favourites: William Walton’s music for the 1944 Olivier version of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Arguments will rage over Olivier vs Branagh, but Walton’s colourful music is a classic. It’s been turned into a number of suites, so good to listen to away form the film, as I’m doing right now. The way he brings in the Auvergne folk song, Bailero, after the music for the battle of Agincourt sends shivers down my spine.


Or the music for the Battle Of Britain film ?

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Thanks for the reminder. It’s actually a repeat from 2016, but totally worth seeing again. As a John Williams fan, I loved seeing Hans Zimmer talk about Williams so admiringly, and the studio musicians talk about how much they enjoy playing for him.

Oh, and I’m sure you all clocked the five B&W 801Ds in the control room at Abbey Road.


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