Circus animals should be forbidden?

France is perhaps one of the last countries where circus animals are still allowed. But very probably not longer.
When child I enjoyed tigers in circus, bears…
But today anymore. And you?

Of course they should be forbidden. Using animals in circuses is cruel and wholly unnecessary. You can also buy puppies and kittens in pet shops in France. They are in tiny cages in the shop window and anyone can just turn up and buy them. France is a truly wonderful country and it’s long baffled me why these things continue.


I hope it will be forbidden. There is a lot of discussions now in France about that and probably new laws to come.


In UK, it was forbidden only on 2018, right ?

Yes, the UK has only recently prohibited puppy sales in pet stores. So somewhat shaky moral high ground indeed.

I was talking about circus animals doing public shows. They were forbidden in 2018 apparently.
In France, as you know, you can buy a lot of snakes, lizards, birds… Not in UK?

I certainly wasn’t taking any moral high ground, merely expressing my view. The Wild Animals in Circuses Act, which bans wild animals being used in circuses in England - no idea about other parts of the U.K. - comes into force next month. Until then I’m sure there is an opportunity to see a lion being poked with a sharp stick somewhere. So France isn’t far behind and I hope the law gets changed there too.

Animals skins were very recently forbidden in California. Even US make some « moral « progress.

Some french « communes « ( town with its area) are forbidding circus animals. Pessac, Yerres, Ajaccio, …and Montpellier very soon.

What do you mean by even US? Are we so immoral?

You not, but as a very advanced country like the US, there is some progress in morality to make I feel.
Legal drugs are killing thousands of people every day, people are ejected every day from them houses because credits % increased very much, people without enough insurance care are not allowed in hospitals, etc…

Hi FR:
Animal-rights activism in the U.S. is vociferous and increasing. A quick search tells me that there are full or partial bans on performing animals in many jurisdictions within 32 states, and statewide bans in New Jersey, Hawaii and California. Remember: This a state issue, not a federal one. Not yet, at least.

And to answer your original question: All forms of animal abuse should be outlawed.

You’re obviously a good guy, so please resist the temptation to tar all Americans with the same brush. This a massive and diverse country with a multiplicity of attitudes and opinions.

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Yes, I was more talking about the laws , government, than us people.
US people are not different from french, uk…We are all the same.

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If you ban using animal skins on moral grounds should you also not ban using their meat?

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In Europe and particularly in France, a lot of people believe the biased media reports depicting the average US experience as something from a science fiction movie: Trump is a racist child molestor, no health care for anyone, poor people are abandoned by the government, drugs everywhere, everyone carries an AR-15, daily shootings at the local super market…It is typical propaganda to condition the masses. Most countries try to depict themselves in a more favourable light. Political schadenfreude…


It can be discussed…I will say I half agree.

Personally I prefer to live in France or Swiss vs US. But I love a lot of things concerning US. Michael Moore made a lot of movies on US disaster system. Is it propaganda too, from an American man?

A circus was visiting Utrecht 10 years ago and they brought a Giraffe. Surreal to see a giraffe in the local park and even more surreal to see a bunch of protesting hipsters from the local community within an hour.

Eating animals is one thing, but using them for entertainment is a step too far for me. I feel for the people being dependent on the circus for their income though.

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I agree that we are eating too much meat and torturing also animals. But it’s difficult to eat without meat at all.
But animal skins and circus animals are free animal torture and it’s absolutely not necessary to live normally.

Circus animals of course should be banned, as should “religious slaughter” such as halal. Utterly disgusting.