Cisco 2960 - Cables, Fuses and Isolation

Over the past year i have out of interest tried various tweakery and thought would share.

I used Atacama feet (spare from when i had the stands) and also Naim ball and cup (no glass), neither any discernible benefit negative or positive, but i left the Atacama feet in place

Tried Powerline Lite, Belden, Supra LoRad, I settled on the Belden was £25 nice and neutral, the Supra being the worst, it really sucked the life out of the music. I did find though the Powerline IEC was the best fit, the Belden I find needs effort to stay in place.

I added an SR20, did very little, but i thought it was spare, then last week picked up an SR Black, wow what a difference, so much more detail, but i did feel i powered down everything as wanted to cable tidy for the router, switch and RPi.

I’ve bit the bullet and ordered my 3rd SR Blue 13A Plug fuse, will be very interesting.
For me the takeaway in my setup is the CIsco does benefit greatly from some TLC.

Which Belden ??? I note the £25, is that the ready made MCRU 19364

Hi Mike-B, sorry bit of a correction i realised after seeing the bright orange heatshrink and No.14 which was about £40, but i added an extra 0.5m.

The £25 is ordered via eBay from an audio dealer, but used them for my TV, Router (Fig 8) and Sky Box (Fig 8).

So I added a new SR Blue Plug fuse to the 2960, leaves the black way behind and the SR20 miles apart.

The SR Blue has transformed the music (again), bags more detail, elements prominent at the front are now less, they seemed to have overpowered the details, vocals are even clearer and most of all a timing ease, that is just sublime.

Heck been so absorbed listening the last few days, I even snapped and bought spen the SR Reference Ethernet. So aside from the NACA5 I will be SR everywhere.

I am finding the Cisco very sensitive or receptive to the SR fuses and the other exteme a cheapish Belden IEC.

Now if I had a spare SR IEC power cable…

Early on I did focus on my router with very little benefit.

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