Cisco 2960-CG to 3560


Will there be big improvement in SQ if upgrade the Cisco switch from 2960 to 3560?


I would very much doubt that there would be a significant improvement. The Cisco switches are good but are not custom designed to be low noise like some of the hifi switches now available, albeit, at significantly higher prices.

Thank you Gazza. I just presume that upgrade the switch probably will improve a bit of SQ, and its in my budget.

Perhaps @Simon-in-Suffolk can comment further, he put us all onto Cisco switches sometime ago?

There is a wide variety of different models within both the 2960 and 3560 ranges. Iā€™m not sure why you would assume that any particular 3560 model would be better that a 2960, but there is little to lose by trying one.

No - the 2960 is a traditional layer 2 Catalyst switch and the 3560 is a traditional layer 3 Catalyst switch (ie a router). From the perspective of the ability of the switch to provide a relatively electrically clean ethernet feed then they are effectively the same. Both the 2960 and 3560 are end of sale now and come in various forms and sizes


All well noted with thanks.

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