Cisco c2960 - 8TC

I have to replace my network switch and it would be a good time to put a cisco in the system. I am not that technical on networking and have a question on the number of connections available.
On my existing Netgear GS108 there are 8 ports, one port for the main incoming and 7 ports are then available for devices.
So on the cisco when it says it has 8 ethernet ports and 2 uplink ports does that mean the main incoming ethernet plugs into the uplink port and then there is upto a maximum of 8 devices connected to the ethernet ports.
Thanks for any help with this.


It’s a fairly cheap ‘upgrade’ option as long as you buy second hand. However, make sure that the Cisco switch you buy has been reset to ‘default settings’ otherwise you may encounter problems.

Some people report an uplift in SQ, although I have to say that the SQ uplift in my systems was very very marginal (if present at all) at best, though you will undoubtedly be getting a very robust product for your network.

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Thank you for the response, very helpful

I noticed a very significant upgrade to the sound in my system. I had everything else sorted but the switch hadn’t even occurred to me until I started reading positive things on here about the cisco. I thought for under a hundred pounds that I would give it a try.
Maybe the reason I heard such an uplift was because I had paid very careful attention to my system set up, and had paid the same attention to my streaming set up, and by now dropping the switch in I had possibly removed a “bottleneck” in my streaming set up.

You can use any port for any purpose and it’ll work fine unless it’s been configured in some way by a previous user.
The ‘uplink’ ports are nearly always GB speed, faster than the regular (usually 100MB) ports, but for a streamer 100 is more than enough.
In practice it makes sense to use the faster ports for the busiest devices, such as your router, and perhaps a server if you transfer large numbers of files to it.

Thanks for a very concise reply.

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