Cisco router

we hear a lot about the cisco 2960 switch for improving SQ.

But what about using a cisco router in the chain?

Anybody using one?

Any particular model recommendation?

Appreciate the feedback.

Do you really mean ‘router’ ???
A router is a device that performs data traffic directing functions between different computer networks. If you ask for a Cisco router, this is invariably what everyone thinks of.
Or (I suspect) you’re thinking of internet broadband Wi-Fi hub, typically supplied by your internet service provider for you to connect to the internet.
These devices are commonly also called routers, most confusing, even Cisco call them that.
… and no I haven’t & not sure I know anyone who has.

Hi, I tried this back on the old forum and it’s a no. With one possible exception the routers, and firewalls for that matter, use different circuitry to provide the Ethernet switching.

The one possible exception is a Catalyst branded switching module for the old mid-range branch routers. I never got to test this but this level of kit is, I think, out of the use case scenarios anyway.


currently for my unitiqute i use a asus router without it being connected to the internet.

i do no use a NAS but only an external hard disk hooked to a laptop running upnp. so my chain is laptop (with external harddrive) -> asus router -> unitiqute.

Without a NAS I dont think I can use a switch.

so thats the reason i am asking if i could use a cisco router in the place of asus. if a 2960 switch can improve SQ, why not a cisco router in the chain?

Because the sound improvement with a Cisco Catalyst switch, at least in part, comes from the ASICs (task specific processors) used in the switch. The routers use different processors which don’t offer the same benefits.

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Yes … however it’s not the fact these items were Cisco… it appeared more the design of the Catalyst edge switches/layer 3 switches that brought the benefits such as in the 3560 and 2960, almost certainly brought on by the circuit board layout design and the physical clocks regulation… I can share a non Cisco engineering design paper on this if interested.

A true dedicated router will have only ports that ideally should be connected to a switch unless you use a crossover cable. Remember a router connects networks together, a switch connects devices within a network together.

The Catalyst 3560 is a Catalyst layer 3 switch, which means it is a router switch, but uses Catalyst switch ports. I use one of these. The 2960 is a Catalyst layer 2 switch… that it it can only switch traffic within a network.

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so i can use the 3650 as a router as well?

in my case where a switch cannot be effective as i dont use a NAS, i can use the 3650?

Unless you have the IT skills to configure these devices, you may find it difficult to get the best from them, or even get them working at all. If I were you, I would look at some gear with a more user friendly interface.

I am actually an info tech guy - though not a networking one. but i am sure if i take a bit of effort i can understand the dynamics.

But perhaps not i think a lot of cisco routers need serial interface. Frankly there is no logic to your thought process. If you want to tinker get a sff fanless pc with twin nics and put pfsense or untangle on it.

Switches make no difference to audio nor does a router.

A Cisco 3650 is a router, a Cisco Catalyst 3560 is a Layer 3 switch which in networking is also a router but only connects an Ethernet network to another Ethernet network.

As others have said, you are about to enter a whole world of pain here for a marginal if any gain. I would keep it simple.

If you need further guidance on devices and how they work the Cisco community forums would be a better place to ask for help.

What you mean to say is … could I use a Cisco WiFi hub the place of Asus WiFi hub.
Yes, then your next question is will it improve SQ, who knows, probably not worth the effort.
But why do you think you cannot install a Cisco switch, or is because you are all wireless, you don’t make any of this clear.
To use ethernet its a basic laptop>switch>UQ & Asus>switch.
But whatever, far better gains can be had with other items in the network, UQ is not anything special & a basic laptop is not ideal.

A Cisco Catalyst 3560 is a layer 3 switch so yes it has router functionality built into it, but you will need to use professional orchestration/configuration tools or manually configure it yourself… they are configured using the Cisco IOS configuration programming language.
If you want a basic consumer broadband internet router, then although you could use a 3560 (along with a separate modem) , you would almost certainly be better off using your ISP router which is mostly pre configured, and requires no technical understanding to set up.


/Peder :thinking:

Don’t even think about it unless you’re an expert in either CatOS or Cisco IOS programming (depending on the model), and you are prepared to spend many hours with Wireshark debugging at the packet layer wondering why “my phone can’t ‘see’ my streamer in the rooms list” because of some sort of multicast issue where the programmers have assumed for simplicity a flat/Layer 2 network.

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