Classic FM Chill Out

Does anyone know why the wonderful Classic FM Chill Out internet stream has apparently been replaced with something which is a bit awful, badged as “mind music” and apparently emanating from the Netherlands. I had the Classic FM stream as a pre-set in the name app but it now takes me to this classical free zone.


Now playing Rachmaninov…seems ok

I’ve looked at the Classic FM web radio offerings in Location>UK>Classical & don’t see Classic FM Chill Out, only listed is the main Classic FM, Hall of Fame, Relax, Revision, Space, & Summer

That’s right, Mike-B, it has disappeared from the available stations where it was previously listed, and the preset on my app (which linked to that previous listing) now takes me to the Netherlands station.

Thanks for your interest Neilb1906. I can assure you that for the couple of hours that I listened this morning, Rachmaninov was certainly the exception rather than the rule! It was mostly awful.


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