Classic to 200 Series plan

I’ve been giving a little thought to potential options relative to an existing system consisting of:

  • Supernait 3
  • NDX 2

I also have a Linn Selekt DSM Katalyst which I can reconfigure with a XLR/RCA Line Out Cartridge and use as an interim streaming preamp. It’s currently setup with an amp module as an integrated in my office for reference.

I considered two possible “Phase 1” configurations, assuming the SN3 + NDX 2 being replaced at the same time.

Configuration 1

  • NSC 222
  • NAP 250 DR, I can source a used one in the process, in simple terms.

Configuration 2

  • Linn Selekt DSM as streaming preamp (XLR → XLR)
  • New Classic NAP 250

Longer term it would end up as:

  • NSC 222
  • NAP 250 (NC)

Both involve some spending, either to adapt my existing Selekt DSM to be a preamp, or to add a suitable used NAP 250 DR I don’t currently own to complete the duties currently performed by the Supernait 3.

I’d be interested to guage some thoughts on what others would do in my situation considering a longer term goal to end up with a 2/3 box 200 Series system.

I’m leaning towards getting a NSC 222 first rather than using the DSM as a pre but happy to be challenged on my logic!

I would suggest the least expensive option to get to your end game.

Adapt the Linn Selekt and go straight to the NC NAP 250.

I maybe wrong, but its probably too early for views on SQ using the Linn Selekt into the new 250 but it should work.

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Thanks, it was my starting point, I figured use or at least temporarily reuse stuff I had that would be suitable, getting a Line Out Cartridge for the DSM is almost certainly the most cost effective “make it work” setup for a starter!

Could I ask what it is that is leaving you, even a little, unsatisfied with your experience with the NDX2 and Supernait 3?

I ask because that combination was suggested as a potential replacement for my 272/XPS DR/250 DR…… although after listening I felt it to be more different than ‘upgrade’.

Have you considered adding an XPS DR to your NDX 2?

Of course that was just my feeling after listening and other might feel completely different.

As always a home audition is to be recommended and the final criteria is your listening experience.


It’s not lacking and I enjoy it for what it is overall. I think it’s in part a desire to just change things a bit and experiment more than anything else. There’s also the fact that both existing boxes are now almost exactly 3 years old and it gives me a first step to a longer term plan to refine the system. I’ve had other multi box systems in the past, most recently a HiCap on the NAIT and the SN2 that proceeded it. I did ponder adding an XPS DR but in part I have my doubts in wanting to invest in legacy products, knowing how much more the new equivalents offer overall and in the long term view.

So, would a 200 series system be a sufficient ‘upgrade’ or change for you? A 300 series no doubt would, if that was affordable. Although I suspect an NSC 222 / NAP 250 may require an NPX 300 to be a really significant step up.

As always, only your ears, your music in your room will confirm.

That said, I’d go NSC 222 first, which is my own preferred plan.

Fun either way. What I would do from a practical point of view is get the NSC222 first and sell the NDX2 now or soon while it would still fetch you some quite decent p/x or resale money and before its price goes down and then decide whether you need the NC250 or even 350. The SN3 should still be ok for a while and I found it to sound very good with the 222 but the difference with the NDX2 in my experience would be mostly in better soundstage and tonal balance with some more agile or, if you like, lifelike sound. I can imagine some would prefer the NDX2 so goes without saying- don’t forget to listen at home. The full benefit, including from the 222 preamp would come when you add a better power amp depending on your speakers.

I’d not be making any changes purely for performance reasons. The fact I have a viable preamp option in the DSM makes it harder to pick the first change.
I don’t have endless funds, this is very much a hobby not a full time pleasure hence whilst the 300 Series would make a lot of sense in relative terms, it’s almost certainly a stretch to far from a budget perspective, trade in of existing kit makes my proposed configurations achievable and I can always grow from a 2 box 200 Series for years to come.

Appreciate the thoughts, it’s going to be incremental changes and spread out over time, ideally ending up at a NSC 222 + NAP 250 by whatever route!
I can spare the DSM as a preamp as an interim.

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I could also go RCA pre out from the NSC 222 to the RCA input in the DSM and set for Unity Gain using the DSM as a power amp but still acting as a preamp, not ideal but worth trying!

I’m in the same position with a NDX2 / SN3 combo sans PSU’s. To me the big question is how the NDX2 compares with the 222 as a streamer? I can’t help thinking the NDX2 is pretty darn good even without a PSU so it makes any upgrades a bit awkward. Perhaps a NC250dr, use the SN3 as a pre and keep the NDX 2. Alternatively do nothing at all, which is probably more likely!

Unfortunately, due to catching COVID, I had to cancel my home demo this weekend of an NDX 2 vs NSC 222. So thats a question I still want an answer to.

I think my challenge is also that any changes are enabled by trade in of existing boxes hence me outlining options whereby I make a clean break and effectively start over on a New Classic journey.
I agree the NDX 2 and SN3 either on their own or together form a very good system, for sure the do nothing config is also a viable option!

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Another consideration is keeping the NDX2 and aim for a 332/NC250 combination. A bit more expensive but worth considering.

Getting the NAP250DR or NC250 first leaves you with a choice to make further down the line.

I’d love to but the funds are the existing kit alas, otherwise I’d be saving for years!

Sorry to hear that, hope you’re on the mend.
I’ve no doubt the NDX 2 is a great source in whatever system it finds itself in.
I ended up with one replacing a ND5 XS2 and around the same time moving from a Supernait 2 + HiCap DR to a bare Supernait 3.
I also changed from an Isoblue rack to Full Fraim as well as since then also swopping floor standing PMC’s for Focal Kanta 1’s on standmounts.
I had a mind to take it further, obvious choices like adding a HiCap and XPS to the mix, but ultimately found it in a 2 box configuration meeting my needs.
I’ve demoed the 200 Series multiple times now and at different locations and different configurations, I’d think of it as being different as opposed to better or worse, it has certain characteristics inherited from Statement whilst lacking it’s raw power and refinement (obviously), best when in an all 200 System and ideally with the NPX 300 on the NSC 222.
It’s the mixing and matching of generations within a system where it gets less clear.
I was somewhat fixed on the idea of keeping my NDX 2 and aiming towards what has now been announced as the NAC 332 and adding a NAP 250 but doing the sums on that feels like a big step in budget, whereas an incremental step via a 200 Series system, be that 2 or 3 box, feels a more achievable goal.
I’d certainly have no hesitation recommending the SN3 + NDX 2 to anyone considering it, it’s probably the most enjoyable Naim only system I’ve had to date and there’s been a fair few over the years.

Yes, and thanks for asking.

I appreciate your views on the 200 series. Having started out thinking I’d replace my ND5 XS with an NDX 2 (new) before upgrading my XS 2 with a Supernait 3, the 200 and 300 ranges have raised concerns that the value of Classic kit will likely drop, so it would perhaps not be a wise ‘investment’. Hence I am thinking of going NSC 222 first (the 300 series is too rich for me) and initially operating my XS 2 as power amp only with appropriate cabling. Then saving up for an NC NAP 250, with maybe an intermediate step of a NAP 200 or 250.

The alternative is to take advantage of lower Classic used pricing, which then might allow me to go NDX 2 / Supernait 3 in one step. I’m not so keen on a 282 / 250 system due to likely higher used cost and box count.

Ultimately, only a home demo is going to help me decide, but knowing the NSC 222 (as a streamer and preamp) has similar (but a little different) SQ to an NDX 2 / Supernait 3 is helpful. If to my ears it isn’t, then my decision will be an easier one!

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Of course one other thing to consider here (in terms of pricing) is that both NDX 2/SN3 are not currently being discontinued. My guess here is that they are probably still really big sellers for Naim…

Alternatively one could hold out for the SN4 which will no doubt arrive in the not too distant future as all products slowly migrate to the new look, it could be an interesting amp paired with the 300 streamer with or without PSU.

For the NDX 2, perhaps not yet. But maybe the NSS 333 is it’s replacement?