Classic to 200 Series plan

Naim have clearly focused on obvious priorities in what’s already been announced, in particular the NSC 222 which replaced the NAC-N 272, a topic that gave many people on this forum something to discuss for a VERY long time as many will recall.
Sorting out the preamps and moving everything to a more compliant and sensible architecture (think power management and automation first and foremost) is where they’ve now got to, the things that remain are interesting, the lower rungs of the seperates market and the obvious overlap they now have to the entire Uniti range (I also own an Atom), products like the ND5 XS2 or NAIT 5SI as examples, the latter now 10 years young. You can buy a used Atom for the price of a NAIT 5SI retail, I think it’s obvious what many would pick especially those new to the brand or Hi-Fi in general.
A lot will come down to budget looking at the options available today, a NSC 222 with a NAIT XS power amp will (probably) work but may not be that enjoyable to live with, especially if the gap between upgrades is long and into years potentially. A SN2/3 + NDX2 however will deliver from day one and for less money overall.
This is the double edged sword of upgradeabilty, it’s flexible but the gaps between can be challenging to live with and having an end goal is sensible from the off.
That’s how I ended up at a SN3 + NDX2 a few years ago, at the time for me and my needs it was a sweet spot of enjoyment and cost and still is for many.
I’m fortunate that I have a Selekt DSM I can use as an interim to a NSC 222, it makes it easier to just start over and not be constrained by an upgrade path reliant on the legacy Classic products.
I think @Stephen_Tate is bang on in saying those products are hits for Naim (SN3 + NDX2) and fit the goals of many in their system journey. They’ll be in production for some time to come one would imagine.

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Yes it it certainly looks to be the replacement but it is quite a bit more expensive too.:slightly_smiling_face:

I was blocking that option out in my head, but I see your point here!

Not to mention then having to add an NPX 300 to it, otherwise it’ll sound rubbish of course!

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I reckon if one searched in all the right places (with an eagle eye, some bargaining power and some patience) then one could probably pick up both a mint NDX 2/SN3 for £6K.


Yes, between £6K and £7K, depending upon age and condition from eBay / dealer trade-ins. So attractive to me for my budget.

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Decision made, got a pre out cartridge for my DSM and have a NAP250 box to pick up week after next.
Good excuse to dust the Fraim levels as well :partying_face:


I think you’ll be happy with that decision. Going from a SN to a 250DR is a nice uplift in SQ.

I’ve got a feeling you’ll really like what the 250 does with your quality speakers.
Naim amps imo play best together (like separate integrated amps!) so hope you can level up shortly but that’s just me.
You’ve been wrestling with this for sometime so genuinely hope it works out.
I think the 200 series is rather good :blush: but ymmv.

Indeed, it’s a workable interim, the DSM is hardly slumming it, it costs more new than a NSC 222!
I also felt reluctant to slog through months of frankenstein systems bridging generations of Naim kit, this was painless and relatively cheap in the grand scheme of things. It also avoids having to add costly cabling work arounds and means I’m not stuck with anything longer term I can’t put to use, I may well end up using the DSM with Active ATC’s in the lounge as one example.
It’s a bit of fun and a chance for a system refresh!
I’ll give some impressions, might help others in similar situations if nothing else.

This is a 200 Series New Classic NAP 250 as well, so will be fun to get a fresh box run in.


So essentially you’ve traded the SN3 & NDX2 for a NC 250?

Oh wow, thought it was a DR, in that case it sounds like you’ll be getting a bigger uplift in SQ.

Correct, using my Selekt DSM Katalyst as a preamp, an interim NSC 222

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I can’t see it being any worse than what it replaces put it that way!

I’m sure you’re aware but speaker plug configuration is different on new classic amp so don’t be too eager and just plugging in same as SN3 :grin:. Enjoy the classic Linn Naim combination.

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@Tapp What XLR IC are you using btw?

They surely should look pretty good together with the matching shiny plastic and all.

I use all Naim supplied standard interconnects with equipment now (do have power lines though).
It’s like everything you can go off piste and customise pretty much everything but using leads electronics were tested/developed with especially when running in makes sense to me and have no complaints so far.
The standard Naim XLRs come with 250 so hopefully will get you started.

That was the plan, was just curious if you’d gone stock “out the box” and how they’d been so far. I’d rather not spend any more for the time being regardless.