Classic Uniti and Streamer Firmware Update 4.7.0

A new software patch has just been released for Classic Uniti, Streamers and Streaming Preamps:

  • UnitiQute, UnitiQute 2, UnitiLite, NaimUniti, NaimUniti 2, SuperUniti
  • NDX 1M, NDX 2M, ND5 XS, NDS
  • NAC-N 272, NAC-N 172 XS

4.7.0 - Patch release fixes:

Fixed: Some Tidal streams on the high quality setting with a .mp4 extension would fail to play
Fixed: Audio artefacts when playing MP3 56kb/s iRadio stations (BBC World Service)
Fixed: Glitches when playing iRadio station CJAD 800, Qobec
Fixed: d on Dirty Disk text capitalised (Uniti/Uniti2 only)
Fixed: Updating from older versions (v4.3.0 or older) will retain new features (DSD, Tidal etc.)

The update is available to download from our Software Updates page.