Classical CD sales are on the rise - what are you buying?



From the posts above there’s some serious listening going on here.
These CDs arrived at the weekend. All ECM and from an offer at Jazz House Records in the UK who recently had ECMs at £5/£8.


Toscanini/NBC Respighi Roman Trilogy in XRCD2. Obscenely costly, but I can justify this particular recording. I have the Elgar’s Enigma Variations from the same master tape series and the sound quality is just astonishing! ( I can even hear Maestro breathing )
I have a what appears to be 3rd or 4th reissue of this record in vinyl and sounds very good except there is some dynamic compressions at tutti. I also have a recent Guild remastering of the same recording which is very poorly done. ( murky and terribly congested, nothing like what I hear out of the vinyl ) Toscanini’s Pini di Roma is one of my fave in spite of its vintage recording, he always have the way to show a human empathy and goodness in human heart.


Just purchased a swag of Monteux reissues on Ovation. Wonderful discoveries. In the same week I downloaded the new Mahler 7 (Fischer) from Channel Classics. Undecided on that performance. Uncharacteristically loose on places. However the CD adventure continues apace…


Very young Gergiev.

Found a nice Blueback vinyl.