Classical concert in the Salisbury area

Every year, around May-June, I organise a get-together for some old friends - about 8-9 of them. Last year we were in Chipping Campden for the excellent festival. This year we’re going to be in the Salisbury-Amesbury area, and I just can’t find a festival or concert nearby. Will there be anything interesting going on in late May/early June in the vicinity (20 miles at most) ? I’m sure one of you must know…

Not quite what you wanted but between 18th and 23rd June there is the Farley Music Festival in All Saints Church Farley (a bit east of Salisbury).

The Salisbury International Arts Festival is in May, you could check out their website for upcoming events.

You may like to look at

Thanks to you all. Your suggestions sound interesting - unfortunaly, either too early or too late…

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra have a concert in Salisbury Cathedral on 1 June.

If that date doesn’t suit and you fancy a slightly longer drive (approx 45 mins) the BSO have many concerts in May and June in at the Lighthouse in Poole.

The BSO is a world class orchestra and well worth going to see.

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Excellent, I’d missed that. The right day and the right programme… thank you so much!

That’s good, hope you enjoy it!

Just thought I’d let you know - I have nine tickets and we’re all very much looking forward to it.

Super, let us know how it was!

Excellent concert from a musical point of view - we all thoroughly enjoyed it, although I felt the acoustics was a bit too reverberant - meaning it sounded muddled at times on large orchestral ensembles - but it’s a wonderful venue nevertheless. Thank you again for drawing my attention to the concert - I guess this closes the thread?

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Glad you enjoyed it.

We’re lucky to have the BSO right on our doorstep, living in Poole which is now their base despite their name. We try to go to a few concerts a year, generally picking the lighter stuff as our 15 year old daughter likes to come as well.

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