Cleaning electrical contacts

Hi, I am interested in hearing what members views are on occasionally cleaning electrical contacts with liquid contact cleaner. Particularly for Naim mains plugs, interconnects, speakers plugs, amps, etc.

Don’t do it.

Just unplug and reinsert once a year (or every 6 months at most).


Avoid any form of cleaner on interconnects, DIN plugs are self cleaning, once a year with a one in-out ‘wipe’ is all thats needed.

For the rest & what I do:
I treat new mains plugs (& sockets) with DeoxIT. I’ve found they stay clean for a number of years when treated from new. Old ‘off colour’ plug pins can be cleaned with wire wool, I avoid ‘brasso’ type cleaners as they leave a deposit & that might not be ideal for good connections. I also have a mix of silver plated plugs, I do DeoxIT these but I have yet to see any sign of anything on these.
I make sure my speaker cable plugs have the same metals as the sockets they connect to - gold to gold with the speakers & nickle to nickle with the amp (I use the 90’ angled Naim plugs). as dissimilar metals will react with each other. I have also DeoxIT’d the speaker plugs, but just the once, I cloth wipe the pins & cotton bud the sockets.

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When I do a strip down every 6 months or so - unplugging and taking everything out so I can give the whole area a good clean from dust bunnies.
I clean along the cable lengths with paper towels and a spray of Nordost 3X anti static treatment. Then using kontak cleaner which is a non residue solution only on mains pins and banana plugs, which is applied with a pipe cleaner and polished off with paper towel. If anything else looks like it needs attention, like a male BNC or a female RCA these are easy to clean the periphery without stuffing anything inside. Other contacts like the inside pins of the IEC and male RCA can be cleaned with the pipe cleaner but difficult to buff dry so best left for a little while to dry out before reconnecting, but I have only done that on old kit and cables.

I’ve done a good few strip downs with and without the Kontak addition and to be honest I can’t tell any difference. Perhaps the system stays on song for longer when it is used - giving those dust bunnies more time to reproduce.

Not used any fluid bar Astonish on the boxes. Heard a brilliant demo at a show once. Damned if I could hear a difference. Most Naim dealers will say unplug and replug and be done with it.

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