Cleaning naim system

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I would be very grateful if anyone can advise how best to clean the body and display of the naim uniti star?

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I have a Nova and just use a slightly damp j cloth, and buff it up with an e-cloth for glass. Go slowly and carefully as there are many snagging points and you don’t want to rip the screen off or some such. Cleaning the well around the volume dial is a PITA. I use a soft 1” brush (which has been cleaning the nooks and crannies on my Olive system for 20+ years) and then the e-cloth very gently.

I use Astonish Glass cleaner on a soft sponge, spray it on the sponge & go over the case in small circular movements & it removes all normal finger & other marks, be careful around the front fascia buttons. It leaves a damp finish that quickly evaporates & is helped with a dry e-cloth.

Thanks Graeme, that’s great

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Thanks Mike-B, much appreciate

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Any Glass cleaner will do:

Metal & Plastic Polish, 200ml - EXCEL POLISH 80

You can get it from cpc and it brings up Naim casework like brand new, I have used it for many years and it’s wonderful stuff.

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Nice one, appreciate

What about the same question on remote controls ???
These build up a deposit on surfaces around the buttons & the various grooves in the case.
I use spectacle glass wipes (recycled) with some extra damp from domestic glass cleaner, being very very careful not to get any wetness into the buttons. (I’ve damaged TV remotes by actually spraying liquid so am uber careful these days to avoid actual wet around buttons)
I try to do this little & often & that means every few months.
Does anyone have any other tips or batter ways to do this.

Old, dry toothbrush loosens most of the crap around remote buttons, then finish off with very slightly damp cloth.

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I use an e-cloth with a very small amount of Astonish degreaser…just enough to be damp, but not wet. Its brilliant stuff. We used to use Deepio on our Stainless steel cooker hood filters. Tried the Astonish degreaser…the muck it shifted was a bit of a shock. So a greasy remote is easy to clean up.

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Hi Gazza, howzit cuttin’.
Astonish don’t appear to sell it anymore, just the car engine degreaser.
We have their ‘Zesty Lemon’ cleaner which they claim to lift grease, I’ll give that a go next time

Wife bought some last week on a shopping trip to the “Range”. They seem to stock most of the Astonish products, albeit, never in one place together…so you have to hunt around the store. And of course stupid me got the name wrong …its grease lifter. I think it was £2.49, one of their more expensive products.

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ahh OK I have it, Astonish do still have it, its in the premium range
Mrs Mike has just added to he next bulk purchase list - she loves the hob cleaner cream.

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