Cleaning plugs and sockets

Having spent a whole day cleaning and Deoxiting the contacts on all my leads and mains plugs, I have a complaint. Given the buying power of Naim. Why do they not supply Naim branded 13amp mains plug pins with a silver coloured hard coating that does not oxidise, as fitted on Sonos bricks and many other AC to DC adaptors. Given the cost of Naim Hifi items an extra £1 or so for Naim to fit plugs with these enhanced plug pins in the first place, would not be noticed in the initial purchase price. In these times when we need to make best use of resources it would make sence for Naim to do this rather than us, the customer, paying a lot of money to retrofit a non oxidising 13amp plug and then we end up with an unused plug given the fact that all household appliance come with a plug.

Can’t say I’ve had any issues. I just plug and unplug them a few times (mains and signal cables) to clean them and all is well.

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Complaint in first post… :thinking:

On the Naim Product Rumours thread it would be a good idea.

Naim very carefully select the plugs that they supply as they believe that the sound best and recommend that they are not cleaned.

Seems quite a waste of a day to me.

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