Cleaning power cables contact

I have discovered one year ago that cleaning contacts is very useful for sound quality. Was not believing in that before.
So I cleaned all .

But now I am wondering if it’s useful to clean power cables contact, or only cables going into components and speakers.
I feel it’s yes, but as my powerblock has a difficult accessibility, I would be glad to hear no.

I’ve always felt it helps from low-cost tweaking with older cheaper systems but is a bit of a chore.

The question that I think we now have is do cleaners of any kind leave harmful non-conductive residues even if the oxidised pins on the leads looks nice and shiny after cleaning.

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I bought recently the Audience 24U SX speakers cables. Inside the box there is a cleaning fluid dedicated for that job. So I feel they know well what they advise. I hope so.
6 months ago I cleaned all the contacts with isopropyl diluted in water, that I use for lps.
I made really a difference.

Put the ends in an ultrasonic cleaning tank for 10 seconds then dry thoroughly I would have thought best option…

Just make sure they are not still plugged into the mains supply though!

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It’s a joke Mick?

No I would gave thought it would be the easiest quickest best option.

I put my seiko divers watch in one at work for 20 seconds once. Was amazed how much gunk came off.

Can you post a picture of the ultrasonic cleaner you have ? How much it costs?
Because the ultrasonic cleaning machines for lps cost maybe 2k and more. No way to invest in it.

Guys, I have my response. It’s on the picture.

I Caig deoxit’d everything (including plug contacts in wall socket and on plug socket at component end) during a lightning concern switch off and i swear it sounds better to me. More insight on a streamed album which sounded a bit muddy before.

Is it safe to clean plug contacts in the wall? How do you do that ?

With what you clean them and what quantity of the liquid ?

What i actually meant was the pins on the plug that go into wall socket and the connecting elements on the black box itself.

Hope that clarifies.

Caig deoxit. Just a squirt on a cloth, rub on and insert and remove a few times.

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Yes, it’s clear. Thanks. Burndys too?

Don’t have burndy type kit unfortunately, but why not?

Of course, Naim don’t recommend using cleaners but just inserting and removing a few times.

Chord are big fans of Caig Deoxit, or were, until they released their own £200 alternative !

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Thanks for all the precisions

Inserting a wet finger with the power on is not recommended.

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I didn’t knew that sweetie :smiley:
But seriously, I do that on mornings, instead of coffee, to be quickly awakened.


It was the ultrasonic cleaning tank in my met lab at my last job.
You can get record cleaning ultrasonic tanks for £400.

A small one for jewellery shouldn’t cost more than £25

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