Cleaning the Naim Fraim

Here is a silly question but maybe someone out there can tell me how they go about cleaning their rack? I normally lift the separates while I get the girlfriend to wipe up all the dust accumulation on wood frame beneath the glass and then the glass itself while she tried to avoid knocking the ball bearings out.

I find the whole thing annoying. Do ye have ways?


I use a Lakeland flat mate duster……others are available. It slips between all the glass/wood and the hifi components……also washable.


I use them too, as well as the feather duster for the more easily accessible surface.

I use Swiffer dusters. They do a brilliant job.


Thank you everyone. I will be looking into getting them. Thanks :ukraine::ireland:

The only way to get it sqeeky clean is a complete strip down: a right pain. Mine is all black and after 10 months looks just fine. I think electrical components are a magnet for dust.

I rarely do, but when the urge gets the better of me, (i.e. the dust starts to pile up) I use a duster with a light spray of furniture polish.

Another vote for Swiffers.

Neat. Thanks Gazza. I’ve just ordered one of these :sunglasses:

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Mine gets a full move and strip down and dealer rebuild tomorrow for a full clean…….but i use this duster once a week for keeping those crevices under control.

I swiffer once a week does the trick and grabs that dust !!

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