Clearing upnp cache on naim app

As the old forum still doesn’t seem to be archived here yet (unless I’m blind and can’t see it!) how do you clear the upnp cache on the Naim App for ipad/iphone? Asset has suddenly become painfully slow, to the extent that I have reverted to Twonky with my QNAP NAS. I want to clear the cache to see if that helps, but can’t remember how to access it.

Open settings (gear/tool icon top right) go to UPnP & clear cache.
Do the same in ‘Other Settings’ & clear the art cache

Thanks. I’ve now done the first bit. I must be tired, because it took me a little while to spot the ‘clear image cache bit’ :thinking:

Can’t see if it’s helped yet, as I’ve just resorted to making Asset do a a complete rescan of 3TB of audio files, which will probably take all night (sigh).

Today I ripped some of my Christmas pressie CDs, and digitised some new LPs. The LPs included ‘The Greatest Showman’ and the CDs included ‘The Greatest Showman Reimagined’. Neither of these are visible in Asset’s Album Album/Artist view (should be in ‘Various Artists’{, although all the tracks are present under ‘Artist’, and the albums are visible in Folder View. Album and Album/Artist views in Twonky find them OK, so it’s an Asset problem.

Still trying to figure out why, as I have done them in the same way as I have other albums (I spent 18 months digitising thousands of LPs!). I did this originally because I couldn’t figure out how to get my LP12 to work in my study. That problem was solved by the Tiger Paw Shelf. Now I do it so that I’ve got a backup in case of damage/fire etc. Also a good way of seeing if my cartridge needs replacement. If the digital copy sounds better, then it’s time for a new one!

I have same issue with Asset, but clearing the cache does not seem to help

Solution: update Asset to 6.2 release … so good bye twonky at last

What exactly does clearing the cache do and is there a downside to periodically doing that and clearing the image cache as well.
Secondly, I have been afraid of updating to the newer Asset release ,I believe I’m still running version 5, because of the possibility of not getting back to my original set-up and generally “screwing things up” since it seems to be working fine. Is it difficult to do if you are not very computer literate?

I don’t know the answers to your questions except to say updating Asset is straightforward. I use a Mac so it might be different on a PC. Go to the Asset website, download and save the file. Access your NAS operating system, I use Qnap, navigate to the Apps folder and manually install the Asset file you saved on your computer; It should automatically update Asset once you load up the file.
I’m sure others will provide better instructions…

Clearing the cache removes the locally held copy (on your tablet) of some of the data from the UPnP server. It holds this to speed up access to data from the server (NAS). The same with the image cache - your tablet has its own copy of the artwork to speed up browsing in the app.

Clearing the cache means that the next access after the clear has to bring in the data from the NAS again, which makes the app slower for the first few uses after clearing.

There’s no real downside to clearing unless it results in a very long response time when next browsing. The cache soon fills again.

Generally there should be no need to clear the cache unless you do it as part of a diagnostic or fix routine. Data in the cache will be overwritten as and when needed.

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Thanks Camphuw and TallGuy

In my experience, clearing the UPnP cache and image cache on the app seems to happen more or less instantly, and I haven’t found any downside to it. Certainly haven’t noticed any slow performance after doing it, although loading up album art on long lists might take a little bit of time. So there’s nothing to lose by trying it, but it isn’t going to have any effect on your NAS.

I routinely clear both cache’s whenever I do anything like resetting anything, no downsides, nothing to loose.

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