Clicking sound 202/200

I have never heard it before but noticed a small clicking sound through my speakers when I change inputs with the remote
I wondered if anyone had experienced this or any ideas ?
Thank you

It can exist, but much depends on system setup, and what else is connected up to the system too. Does it happen with just a Naim source such as a Naim CD player connected (by DIN i/c)? Do you have a NAPSC on the NAC202?

Is there a router/modem in close vicinity to your speaker cables?

There’s a Napsc and Flatcap… System has sat there for a while and no changes so it seems odd! thanks
Also a Cd5Xs and a zen mini and a rega P3 into a Tisbury audio phono stage

if i scroll across the inputs with the remote theres a small click through the speakers each time it moves onto a new input. Its odd as never done it before and no changes have been made!
Thank you

Try switching off and unplugging all but the CD5xs from the NAC202. Does it still happen?

So its only a naim source going in?
I wondered if it might be a relay in the 202…

Thanks I won’t get a chance til later as I’m mid tiling the bathroom!

I just want to eliminate any possible external earthing issue.

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