Clicking sound

Hi. Last days i have noticed a clicking sound from my system.
Its not loud, but easy to hear in the quite parts of the music.
I looked at my cable dressing, but everything looks ok.
Anybody else experienced this?

System NDS 555 252 300
All DR.

Clicking sound coming from where - the equipment itself or out of the speakers ?

Fast clicking, slow clicking ??

From the speakers.
Will describe it as fast clicks.
Almost like vinyl sound, if you know what i mean.
Its a bit annoying.
Could it be static electricity.

Sounds a bit strange - i doubt it’s static. If you’ve not changed anything of late (any new electrical devices in the house when the clicking started) then i’d start by powering off the NDS and restarting it and see if this fixes things. If not then power off the whole system and restart it. If this still doesn’t fix it then with the system powered off, check all connections are good.

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Okay. I will give it a try.
Its not loud, but still annoying.

Just a thought - you’ve not got any powerline networking (ethernet over the mains wiring) or even a Sky Q box have you ?

It sounds like you are describing RF interference - if they are quiet ‘click’ sounds that can happen.
Things recently added to your house mains check first, as if it is interference it will be transients on/off spikes - then if a neighbor is using something RF noisy like a transmitter or heavy machinery.

To reduce pick-up you minimise the cross-section of your system as seen by RF - try to minimize loops of wire and be aware it tends to get in via Speaker cables a lot of the time so run those with that in mind.

It may not be this, but I occasionally get that effect and it was RF and I just minimize at my end as it is small and occasional so far.


On the back of the NDS, there is a small signal ground switch … play with it’s position to see what the impact is … hope this helps.

James. No no Sky Box or powerline networking.
My set-up been excately the same last three years.

I just powered off my NDS 555.
Turned in on again after 5 mins and it seems the problem is solved so far.
Let you know if the clicking is coming back.

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Ok - just wondering as these sort of things can introduce noise into the system. It sounds like the NDS had got itself into a slightly strange state. so a reboot seems to have sorted it out. Back to the music :slightly_smiling_face:

Ya its strange.
Could it be that it has been turned off the last 2 months.
But, so far, no clicking sound.
Maybe it sounds better too.s

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No clicking sound today.
NDS sounds better too.
Its just like my computer.
Restart if there is a problem.
Thx for ur replies!

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Good news it’s gone … quiet static like clicks like that can also be the sign of RFI from things like Powerline Adapters, solar inverters etc…

I had some powerline adapters plugged in and even though the hifi is on its own circuit with separate fuse box I still got quiet popping noises through the speakers, even with the amp muted. Binning the adapters solved it immediately.

Indeed, that is quite a different matter, what you would have been hearing were the effects of severe RFI from the PLAs. Remember RFI field strength radiates through air as well as RF frequencies carried along wires.

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I think my next door neighbour uses those power line adapters for his broadband.
By my reckoning, using the Unitiserve power cable feeding my AV on a separate distribution block has cured my clicks too.
I put it down to my hifi stuff having more than decent power supplies and regulation that can deal with such things - as well they should do - whereas my AV stuff with cheap as chips power management seems to really like that ferrite.

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