Clicking/ticking from AQ Niagara 5000

Hi all was hoping some other users may be able to help

I have an Audioquest Niagara 5000 on my main Naim hifi system

Have noticed since I got it that it makes a clicking noise when I am playing music usually seems to be between tracks at quiet point but occasionally it does it during a track infrequently
Is this normal?

I also have an Niagara 3000 which I used on this system before I got the 5000 and this has never ticked/clicked at all during music playback

Any help/advice from fellow Niagara 5000 owners you can give would be appreciated



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I also have an Audioquest Niagara 5000.

I purchased it new, and for the first few months it made clicking sounds. The clicking sounds were random, and they were quite loud.

I think it is part of the break-in period.

Anyway, my Niagara 5000 is just over one year old, and it does not click anymore.

btw, I like the Niagara 5000, and it has become part of my Naim system.

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I’m often staggered by the amount of money spent on ‘accessories’ when a significant upgrade would probably be more rewarding. :thinking:

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Ok not particularly helpful tbh was hoping some of the other niagara users may be able to comment, anyone ?

Thankyou razzzor good to know i am not going mad :slightly_smiling_face: then, it has given whole system a good uplift ecen over the niagara 3000 i had before

A friend has a Gordian Lab12 and says relays click in it when in auto mode since it constantly calibrate filters depending on the power going through it. Maybe something similar here?

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