Clock display on Superuniti

Can the clock on the SU be turned off or display always show clock when SU not used ?

I have a SU and have never noticed the clock. It’s on the main screen?

Yes , on main screen.

You can turn it off. You use the remote and press the spanner or wrench key and navigate from there.

You should turn it off because these Naim displays have a limited life when they are on all the time.



I don’t have remote .

There is no way of doing it without a remote. If you can find someone with one of the legacy Unitis, they all use the same remote and although they can be paired with different codes, mostly they aren’t. There are quite a few settings that you have to have the remote for, so if it were me, I would probably buy a remote - new from Naim if necessary. They cost about £100 new.


OK thank you for answer.

Hi goranp,

Press and hold “OK/list” on the front panel, this should enter the setup mode. Use the navi. keys (illuminated) to select “front display”, set “clock when off” to “no”.

Hope this helps.


I didn’t know that!


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