Cloud (Dead Server), Silver lining (Naim NSS 333 )

So coming up to 4 weeks my server is dead and still awaiting collection, getting THE ITCH.

My LOVED setup is a Naim Nova, Audiophilleo (SPDIF Converters), to Inuuos Zenith Server.

I was thinking “HYPOTHETICALLY” of course, could I as a stop-gap jump to say a Naim NSS 333 Streamer, forget the Innuos server and use the Nova for pure amplification.

Thereafter i assume the new 250 would be on the cards …

You could use the Nova with 333 as source. Given that the Nova will digitise the input, it’s debatable whether it would be better to just use the SPDIF out on the 333 rather than the analogue out. Either way, it’s going to work fine as an interim measure.
Then if you get a NC 250 I guess you can run that through the Nova while you refill your piggybank for a 332!

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Thanks @ChrisSU i think i am well and truly out of touch with the old style, what source (streamer pre), then amp (pre, integrated, power) and power supplies) are needed

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