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This thread was prompted by a member’s comment about not liking a certain album, but he intended to purchase it to complete a collection.

Just curious about how much ‘completeism’ there is out there in Naim land? I’m defintely guily of a certain amount, but generally only in respect of a band or artist’s studio albums (with the odd live recording thrown in if good sound), but only if said band or artist is a real favourite. Even then, I often stop short, as in the case of Bowie. I own pretty much everything he did, up to and including Scary Monsters. After that he totally failed to do it for me, and I will not waste money on albums I’ll never play.

Any thoughts, observations?

I would not do that. Never have. If the band releases an album that I like, I’ll buy it, but if they put out a clunker, I certainly won’t.

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Could say then you’re a Bowie RCA label completist :grinning:

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I think it’s all about the Artist/ Band journey, I also own all the Bowie stuff including the electronica he did :confounded: having read a number of books on Bowie I appreciate those albums more, don’t like them but ‘Get’ why he did them. If there’s reason to build up the collection I’d do it… good examples, velvet underground, Beatles, stones, they take you on the band growth journey and even some of the bad stuff they do reflects where they were at that moment in time and what was to come

When I built a database (CLZMusic), I discovered with several artists that I was only 2 or 3 albums short of their studio discography. So yes, I bought the missing albums just for the sake of completism. However, that evolved to actively completing studio discographies for other artists with extensive catalogues (Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Miles Davis). It’s a hobby, why not? I have found that the less well known albums sometimes have the better music on them.


I did tend to just buy the latest release by favourite artists but have become more selective now.
Using Bowie as an example although I agree his last great album was Scary Monsters up until Heathen which I really liked I still bought all his releases in between although probably only played once or twice.

For music collecting this is the on-line bible. Certainly my go to aid if I want a complete list of a catalogue plus an idea of what to prioritise.


Blimey @AndyP a tough crowd on there with some of the reviews (and the usual sprinkling of those with limited vocabulary). A very interesting resource. Thanks for posting.

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Certainly the case for me with respect to vinyl and labels. Mostly 80/90’s electronic stuff US and Europe. A fair bit of the stuff I like is not repressed often if at all and wasn’t always even released on CD.
I have a fair bit I bought back then but inevitably there’s stuff you miss or overlooked.

I am a bit completist about some things, but not so much when it comes to music. There was a time when I spent a pot of money getting as many of John Williams’ music as I could, but my spending power never could quite keep up.

The only other exception is trying to get 12” versions (on CD) of my favourite 80s songs, for which I have spent some mildly silly amounts to get s/h copies. My money, my choice!


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