Combination Nait 5Si with B&W 805 D3 speakers

I intend to purchase in a near future 805 D3 speakers in a HiFi 2.1 set up for listening to mainly classic music.
Having already an integrated amplifier, the Nait 5Si, I wonder if this will make a good match?
Or does someone advise a more powerfull amplifier? If yes, which one?

Supernait 3

you would also need quite well perfoming source, as the 805 D3 is a very revealing speaker.

Fortunately amazing and superb sources are available that are upto the challenge of this speaker, like the Chord Qutest.

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You simply don’t use an entry level amplifier with speakers like that. A 282/250 or at the very least Supernait 3 is what you should be looking at. You also need a source to match; maybe an NDX2.


I’ve heard the 805 D3s with Supernait 3.

Sounded lovely. Clear, wide s/stage, ample bass, and a lovely sense of layering and position of instruments/vocals. My two next purchases in fact :smiley:

I can’t comment on whether my XS2 would be as good with them - but I doubt it.
I can only imagine how the 805s would sound with a 282/250.
Luckily for my wallet I don’t have the space for separates - or divorce would follow!

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Minimum amp, SN3, but far better Nap250. They come to life with more juice and grip, sound lifeless without.

Grahams Hi Fi, where I heard the SN3/805s (thanks Paul! A lovely afternoon), suggested pairing 805 with SN2 on their website. I would take that as a minimum…

I’m curious as what source they were using? I really like the idea of a SN3/805D3 to be honest. I heard the 804D3’s with a NAP250DR(I think) :thought_balloon: and was impressed.:blush:


Is this re my posts, not sure…if it is, Graham’s used an LP12/Ekos SE/Kandid in my dem, with Superline.
I’m a bit lost on current Linn nomenclature, but could have been Akurate? The PS was above Lingo 4…

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As much as I love this amp, i would say it won’t be a good match. Will it sound terrific - yes, will it be capable of driving them - definitely yes, will you be enjoying these speakers at their max potential - no.

I was driving cheaper, but less effective rubicon2’s with 5si and the above statement was valid in my case as well. Now driving those with sn2, all sounds better now, more resolution, more control, more everything, except a bit of magic lost, 5si has this involving character that sn2 lacks unfortunately. I guess we need Naim building a 80W version of 5si.

@steviebee Thanks!

Te nait 5i-2 is a maical amp for te money ONLY if you set it up rit wit te rest of your syatem and use te correct speakers cables and plus.
I suest tryin tis combination at a local dealers and make your own mind up.
Its your money and you ave to live wit your equipment and sound.

I also tink size of room plays a bi part smallis rooms would be reat for tis combination but anytin larer and you probs need a larer amp.
Actually tink te advice is correct as tese are expensive top sensetive speakers so tink te basic nait 5i wont et te best out of tem.
Tink te supernait 3 is your best bet.

Just my take on this combination,i have a Nait 5si powering Neat Motive SX-2 speakers in a living room of 15x12 ft (not the best set up “wife input”)
The way i looked at it was amp £1100 (speakers £1000 new dealer closing down)
Speakers hopefully will take a possible upgrade in the future,but i must say i love the sound i am getting for my very modest system and yes i might get more from my speakers with say a supernait 3 but at the cost the speakers might be holding the amp back ?
So what it comes down to is matching amp & speakers at a prices point and the room you set the equipment up in.
For me a supernait 3 is a waste of cash with the room i have (not saying i don’t want something better just being realistic)

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