Community spirit

Ok, so we’re all concerned whatever our ‘station’ in life, but how do we turn this into a positive.

This is becoming like a wartime scenario.

Many of us don’t know neighbours more than a door away, if that these days.

We’re all on a spectrum of vulnerability with a bit of random good/bad luck thrown in.

How do we do the best by the most vulnerable in our communities, while being sensible and following guidance ourselves?

Our 40-something neighbourhood watch coordinator has organised a network of local non-old, non-vulnerable volunteers who will do shopping for those who are old and/or vulnerable. She emailed us to make sure we knew about it.


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There are a number of Facebook groups networking people locally who are prepared to help. A positive development in the current panicky scenario of each for themselves


We don’t have neighbourhood watch but should!

I’m not really a social media person (fora aside) which is where it falls down for me.

I’ve had a few unsolicited letters through the door about various ‘community web based groups’ - not knowing much about these things and being rather private I’ve avoided them.

Perhaps school/social/sporting/religious connections are there to be used as they are generally local.

A volunteer group was started on Facebook here, with people saying what they could do. The local council now has a formal register starting, that’s been advertised on the volunteer page and the largest community Facebook page.

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A lady from up our street knocked today, with a leaflet saying that help with shopping etc was available and provided by neighbours, for those residents who may be struggling. A lovely initiative.

Contrast that with the “me first, me only” shelf-strippers.

I offered our support, natch.

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An hour or so my neighbour knocked on the door, he knows I live alone, wanted to swap mobile numbers and make sure I knew if I had to self-isolate he and Louise would go shopping for me and do anything else I needed. What a lovely bloke.


Not meaning to bring a negative tone to this, but the situation brings a risk of also bringing out the evil in society, and there will be those who prey on the vulnerable, knocking on the door, offering to help - and taking their money. It is worth warning those who are vulnerable to exercise caution as always.

But fortunately I think this sort of thing does bring out the best in community spirit, and that indeed is something to about which to marvel in the human condition. Even little things - I found the images of Italians singing from their windows uplifting, and the Spaniards applauding the medics brought a tear to the eye.

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We have a local chemist.
One of the ladies in store offered to come round after her shift and drop through our letterbox a prescription for a non vital item because she lives just down the road.
Community spirit lives strong in communities, but takes courage in places larger when being anonymous is normal.


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