Compact speakers for desktop

I am looking for a set of compact speakers for a desktop setup - for near field listening - 2 to 3 feet away.

Amp will be either a Unitiqute or a Cyrus Streamline 2.

I am looking for speakers which is not more than 10 inches tall. Total dimensions around 25 inches.

My desk is only 48 inches wide and so don’t want the speakers to dominate the space.

I once owned Neat Iotas - but felt that its too small form was limiting. Was I mistaken? Maybe it will be a good candidate for near field listening?

Others that I read about are PSB imagine mini, PMC DB1, Q Acoustics 3010i.

Any others which I should be looking at?

Appreciate the feedback.

Totem dreamcatchers, if you can find them, they’re no longer a current model. However yes you should reconsider the neats.

I am actually also considering the totem mites. Will cross check Dreamcatchers.

There are 2 pairs on that auction site but both a bit pricey, mine were £200.

This is a question that has a regular “shelf life” some answers that crop up are

Neat Iotas
Omphion speakers
Antony Gallo
Q Acoustics ( cheap but very good on a pound per sound basis)

Best wishes, it’s really about getting a quart out of a pint pot, but from what I can gather all of the above will offer a good option.

Edited to show Amphion which do make for that market

They have some clever grills -with nice vibrant colours

Ophidian I think has been mentioned for dinky speakers. (Or Amphion)

Like all speakers, desktop or otherwise, it is highly personal taste. I could recommend the Qacoustics 3010 I used (and love) with my UQ2 but then you might hate them.

Instead, I would offer different advice.

  • Pay attention to whether the speaker is good with a rear wall or not if your desk is against a wall. I don’t care what anyone says, a rear ported speaker even with a bung in won’t be great close to a wall.
  • Budget for desk stands. The improvement in quality from getting desktop speakers away from the reflective desk surface cannot be overstated. I use adjustable Konig & Meyer stands which cost more than my speakers. But I’ll totally stand by statement that a $180 pair of speakers on really good $200 desktop stands will outperform a $400 speaker plonked on a desk.

I have Neat Iotas running off a UQ1 as a second system, due to siting issues they’re well away from a rear wall, and close together (on iso l8r stands either side of the TV. They fill the room fine, if obviously bass light. I also swapped then into my main system and they’re not disgraced by my SX3s. Worth a listen definitely, but they’re a lot more than the Q Acoustics option you mention, even SH.

[edit: when I sit up close to them their imaging strengths really come out, I do think that’s a particular strength of them]

I have Spendor SR5s mounted on the wall (wall mount design) relatively near-field with a Naim n-sub directly under my desk. Nothing quite like near-field bass and nice haptic feedback via the feet.

I used to own b&w lm1. nice speakers though i felt that it was noisy - due to plastic cabinet? not sure if it was problem with the ones I owned as i bought them used.

I hear the b&w m-1 is a step above the lm1. But apparently bass-less.

I was also curious about the b&w xt2 when they came out - which is based on similar aluminum construction as the m-1 but bigger.

Any views on these speakers pls?

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