Comparing Nac 52 with a Nac 252

I am sure that this topic has been covered before but I would like to hear members opinions on whether or not swopping a Nac 52 for a Nac 252DR would be worthwhile upgrade or just a marginal improvement in performance? I have a Nap 300 DR and a CDS3 and Nat 02 as amplification and source.

Cheers, Steve

I never bothered trying - went from 52 to 552 and would never have considered going from 52 to 252. Doesn’t mean I am right though :grin:

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As above, but i did listen to a 252 and it did sound different, but i didnt feel it was really better, just different. Unlike the 552 which did bring alot more.

How are you powering the 52? With a 52PS, Supercap, or Supercap DR? I don’t think there is a consensus on which option sounds best, but they are choices you could consider if you have the chance to demo.
My guess is that you would not find the move from 52 to 252 worth the cost.

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Maybe I belong to the minority, but based on my memory, NAC 52 sounds better than NAC 252, I regretted swapping my 52 for a 252.


Thanks for your considered opinions. A 552 is not on the cards and I was just curious as a second hand 252 would be doable at a stretch but not worth it for such little gain in performance. I am very happy with my setup and the 300DR is really coming on song now. Steve

I have always found that he missed life at 252.
He has perfect control, but I think he does not have the pace of Nac52


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