Comparison of Power Amps

I asked recently as a temporary measure, about using my Naim Nait 5i with just the power amp. Richard and another member kindly advised me on this.

Having set it up I am very happy with the sound as, using a Rotel RC-03 I have very nice detail and volume from my Regar Planar 3 turntable that I did not get using a Rega A2D through the Naim Nait 5i.

Naim themselves advised me to get a Nap 150 XS if I just wanted a power amp with my set up. What clear advantage would I get from the Nap 150 XS over just using the Nait 5i power amp side of the 51 please? Also, I have only seen Nap 150’s for sale anywhere at present.


You are not just using the Nait’s power amp, you are using its preamp too, unless it’s set in AV bypass. Naim preamps really need a Naim preamp and how one would work with the Rotel is anyone’s guess.

If it were me I’d forget the 150, sell the Rotel, the Nait and the Rega A2D and buy a Nait XS3. It will sound much better than the Nait 5i and has a nice phono stage for your Rega.


I think from the previous thread that the OP is now using the 5i in uniti gain mode, so effectively power amp only.
I’d agree though, going down the XS3 or a preloved XS/XS2 and Stageline route would be a much better approach.

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I’m not sure I understand the question from OP, but recommending a XS3 might be a bit overshooting price wise, normal in here I know.

Actually a Nait 5i is no slouch and might be a better fit with a lowly Rega TT.
Speakers are ?

I’d use the money on a better source, not a new XS3, sometime you can get a s/h 202/200 at similar cash(just for the record)

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I am going to answer generally to everyone. I am using the Nait 5i as a power amp as I have said . The Rega 3 turntable used to run through a Regar A2D through to the Naim Nait 5i as also said.

The phono was poor. I am now using the Rotel because it suits the turntable far better in terms of sound and as, I use a Denafrips DAC the Rotel is easier to use and sounds great using the 5i as a power amp in AV.

I an happy with the sound at present as, I have s lot to do at present and am asking whether I might use a Nac 150xs as the power amp instead of the 5i in AV.

I have a pair of Kef LS150’s plus an MJ Acoustics Pro 50 mk 3 sub-woofer.

This is all in a small snug that is only 3.9 x 3.2 x 2 mtrs with a bay window.

The 5i amp is already a power amp (with a volume and input selector)

I don’t see a point in adding a Nap 150 but why not try it if available, they keep resale value pretty good if needed.

Thanks Perf, but what I am asking about is whether there will be a reasonable change in quality using the Mac 150xs as opposed to the power amp side of the 5i? Obviously with the Naim Nait 5i in AV mode there is only the AV input to use and not the volume.

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Naim not Mac?

Your not that innocent lol. Typo and too late to edit :slight_smile:

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