Lewis Capaldi, more specifically the song “Hold Me While You Wait”.

How could we have let this happen? Why wasn’t something done sooner? How can we stop something like this happening again in the forseeable future? What measures are being taken to contain this and stop it repeating? I heard it at least a dozen times a day on a commercial radio station at work for over a year! I thought Ed was the worst it could get, how wrong I was.

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And now you post? :laughing:

Or is this a joke I don’t understand? Highly possible, cos I’ve no idea who Lewis Capaldi is… :upside_down_face:

you lucky b******d!

I think the clue is on “commercial radio”. That’s what they do. Change the station. Try some Radio Paradise or BBCr3 or 4 for a change. :wink:

I did try. Those kids just turned it back, the Torture Never Stopped.

I see what you did there with the Zappa quote but can’t you put the kids up for adoption!! :sunglasses:

Not mine, they were ones I was forced to work with in a large warehouse. They had no concept of vinyl. So I got to hear that song at full blast everyday, every half an hour.

As I mentioned, I’d gotten to be inured to Ed after over exposure in one warehouse; Lewis Capaldi was the final straw I’m afraid.

The warehouse stocked flooring?

I’m gettin’ even more confused…bed for me, I think

Just tell your boss you’re self isolating. It will give you a break! :crazy_face::rofl:

No, it was a Ford warehouse.

Nah, I told them I was self harming after all that sonic abuse by Lewis.
He played Glastonbury last year.

My final stab in the dark:
Is he a son/grandson of Traffic’s drummer?


I’ll get my coat…dunno why, there’s nowhere to go

you lucky ******* never heard of him!

Don’t go catching it off me for god’s sake. stay away from it, him.

Haven’t a clue.

I’m guessing I won’t need to Google him!

Call Vinnie. He’ll sort them out.

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Absolutely not!

He’s a b*****d escaped from a government laboratory !!
sent to destroy civilisation, as we know it!!

Lol…you really don’t like him…

He “always liked you”

…cue Frankenfurter… :smile:

F*** **f !!

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But thanks for the laugh!


the other t*****er