Completely Turn Off NDX2 and Unplug


Based on recommendations from Naim and in other threads, I like to keep the system unplugged unless using it.

However, when you power off the NDX2, it just goes into sleep mode and has the green light on the power button. I know you can put it into deep sleep mode with the 3 second long press of the power button.

Is it ok to unplug the NDX2 when it’s in sleep or deep sleep mode, or is there a way to completely power it off before hand?

It is ok to just unplug it from Deep Sleep mode. It’s probably ok from Network Sleep mode too, but personally I would always prefer to switch off from Deep Sleep if possible (it’s a good discipline for computer-type devices).

There is no way to switch it off completely before unplugging it.

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I think you have misinterpreted Naim’s recommendation, which is to leave the equipment switched on for long periods. You can set the NDX2 to go into standby after given times, which reduces power consumption. When you select it via the app, it will wake up and be ready to use.

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I wish the logo would stay on when in standby.


The recommendation is to keep amps powered on, and to either keep the streamer powered on as well or to let it go to standby (which means that it needs to warm up for maybe 30 minutes when it starts playing, but whether this makes much of a difference to SQ may be debatable and depends on the user).

The shutdown-and-unplug of streamers is only the recommendation if there is some issue with the computer/networking part of the streamer, to ensure that all its parts lose residual power and start up from scratch.

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I totally understand the idea to have it be on standby.

At the core of my question: what about if there’s a storm and potential for lightening, and what is the best protocol for unplugging it?

@davidhendon mentioned it’s best to unplug in general when in deep sleep mode, if you must. Seems like the best choice aside from turning it completely off (which is not possible).

Thanks, this is really the question. I agree, on that point, as then deep sleep is the best option if you must unplug it.

I don’t think you can break anything by unplugging it from normal standby, but I also send it to deep sleep before turning off the PS

The FAQ section has the recommend power on sequence. Powering off the system is the same but in reverse (i.e. power amps first working way back to source).

And yes, in the event of an electrical storm it should be unplugged. You need to ensure the system is not connected to earth. Lighting can be a bit unpredictable. Best to not just unplug but lay the plug some way from the wall socket to avoid lighting “jumps”.

Definitely, that’s pretty clear. I wasn’t sure what the best way, or state, to unplug the NDX2.

Looks like it’s best done in the deep sleep mode. This is the way.

I wouldn’t be unplugging it regularly, that is not normal advice. It has a deep sleep mode, set by the timer in the Naim app.

This! Or at least as an option.

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